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Sex & Intimacy


If you’re struggling with issues affecting your sexuality, know that sex and intimacy can be difficult for many women with metastatic breast cancer.14

The way that MBC affects your sexuality is a personal experience. However, women with MBC share these common concerns:

  • Changes in desire, function, and satisfaction14,14
  • Body image issues14
  • Anxiety and depression14

Some side effects of breast cancer treatment can impact your sex life:

  • For example, hormone therapy may cause a loss of desire as well as vaginal changes that can make intercourse painful.14
  • Chemotherapy and other breast cancer treatments can lead to early menopause. This can cause changes in the body that can decrease sexual interest or desire. 14

Try to be open and honest with your partner about what you’re feeling. Talking with a couple’s therapist or sex therapist may also be helpful.14,14

If you’re single, telling potential new partners about your MBC diagnosis may make you nervous. It may help to take new relationships slowly.14

Share any concerns about your sexuality with your doctor. He or she may be able to refer you to resources, such as a counselor or a support group, to help you work through your feelings.14

Talk with your doctor about how you’re feeling to determine the options that are best for you.