Sunday, January 31

OK here. This is not going to do much with nails, it will be about TV. A little bit of both. Those two are a match made in a sweet heaven of my living room as they merge and overlap each other beautifully. When my feet meet nicely beaten up cushion and everything what's handy while occupying the sofa stretches just as far as one's forearm - bottles of nail varnish and a remote control are the things not to mess around with but appreciate their silent existence for once in a lifetime and expect only the grand results (as if one can with only the basic channels, so over to you Sally Hansen and essie). It all started back in the caroling season when Kevin Alone in New York and The Holiday literally glued me to an old-fahsioned check blanket wrapped around my swelling feet. It was appropriate then but I keep telling myself that with as little creative input as it requires, I'm all for it until the due date. Or suppose I think about it more than anyone really should? ;) No, I really enjoy it too! Series after series chewed down still hot and mesmerizing - And Then There Were None, Dickensian, War and Peace - version of 2016, I can give you my whole sofa schedule right this very minute. Nail patterns included on request. x 


Friday, January 29

January here is a super ridiculous month. Yesterday I wore two pairs of socks indoors, today I'm prancing around in the winter garden without a hat and with my belly fully exposed to the last chill. But we're making it through, my little boy kicking his feet like a hooligan introducing me to what it will be like raising a boy. But I don't mind, I get anxious when he's been quiet for a while and can't stop smiling when he's back to what he does best already. Mostly when I'm executing absolutely nothing at all so he can get all mama's attention. In those moments I take Nadia's little hand smeared in rainbow of colours from afternoon date with markers and pens so she can greet her brother. The first time she felt him move she couldn't be more surprised, it was a joy to watch, it is good to just sit still and watch them "play" together. Some of the times he is having it his way tricking whomever there is to await him perform and nothing, not even the crunchiest biscuit I'm devouring will do the job. That's the spongy, downy, sweet portion of life here. As there is this rough path full of hormonal imbalances, emotional shifts I'm not good at steering and the cocktail of thoughts what's awaiting ahead has been served. And drank in little sips for really fancy occasions I try to avoid greatly. But the spring is in the air, I believe and my boy is growing like a champ -- who's even wanna mention some antepartum nonsense? (Aaaand weekend is coming for some as a secret weapon against the bad and the ugly, what's not to like?) x

Coat: Zara, Dress, Suede Boots: H&M, Snood: Primark, Cardigan: George


Monday, January 25

1. Faux Fur Cushion (or any huggable pillow) - serves as my portable table, a mascot, a footrest, extra shelf and bump nest body pillow. If you're using it for a purpose I have not mentioned here, let me know at your earliest convenience -- my physical capabilities are limited.

2. Lip Gloss - something to sit on my chapped lips and pretend to look glamorous.

3. Bio-Oil - I don't know how I survived without it while not pregnant, while fully capable of reaching every surface on my skin. Keeps the stretch marks at bay just as it keeps my husband slightly confused over THIS amount of greasy I need regularly. But he won't discourage me from that ;) 

4. Body Shop Dead Sea Body Scrub - it's not necessary, gives me extra work with rinsing but when the lid comes off, you'll understand. The scent tells tales of places I will not experience physically in two years straight but at least I have my travel plans trapped in a brown jar sitting under the sink.

5. Warm Socks - unflattering, thick fabrics that work miracles and the only items from my wardrobe that still fit.

6. Organic Camomile Tea - goes hand in hand with a weak coffee. And incidental sugary drink. Don't blame mama, her cravings will define her for another four months.

7. Trusted Beans On Toast - my everyday treat served as the first meal of the day and the fanciest snack of the day. Also sometimes the only healthiest meal that day. Midwife approved.

8. Ammonia Free Hair Colour - essential for mamas in their 30s because our skin may be glowing but our roots are not always at their happiest.

9. Showers to Baths - duh. Don't ever try to lie on your back while pregnant and if you do, make sure there's someone around to pull you up otherwise you'll end up as a human whale escaping the foamy waves in less than respectable manner. 

10. Leggins - as I almost live outdoors these days, I'd better live in something classic, something that feels ready for anything, bus stop benches too.

11. Relaxing Read - takes me from second trimester onwards in a semi-lunatic blissful state.

12. Spontaneous Occasional Buy - no explanation needed, only more opportunities.

13. Maternity Support Belt - my best friend in all physically overwhelming scenarios. I don't know how I did my first pregnancy without it. 


Friday, January 22

It is cold around here now but let me tell you a tale about the warmest winter in years. It begins with hats but that's all one would grab at the door before heading out. The sun shines since early morning driving those behind the steering wheels crazy and only strong breeze from the continent reminds us of the season. It is still green in parks and men are wearing shorts with their warm jackets. Women are spotted with no socks underneath their ankle boots and children go wearing the entirety of their wardrobe or barely a pair of booties in their overstuffed prams. This winter makes us behave as unique as one feels brave to be. If you're asking about our household and our share in reaping the best of what's in the air - we are walking representatives of the season, we're playing by the rules and believe it or not, we know what we're doing. But occasionally even the thickest garments have to go in order to move those limbs freely and ecstatically in the open, to bend, run, throw sand back to the sea and no one regrets it.

And here's my personal theory about hanging out at the seaside if you have a minute (relatives optional) - if you want to approach it ignoring the weather forecast but prefer to still enjoy it no matter how long you intend to stay, overdressing is probably the safest way to it. The smartest. And the bravest as you'll be the only one stopped and asked if you got lost and need to take it easy while so bundled up. Never mind my poor seasonal clothing choices, we haven't seen a snot or a warm forehead in lunar cycles so mama has to do something right. Have a great weekend and stay happy no matter how warm you are.

Keep your hat on, babe. They don't manufacture it anymore ;)


Wednesday, January 20

Scarf, Stripy Top: Primark, Top, Cardigan: M&S, Leggins: Next, Suede Boots: H&M

Hi friends, where have we all been all this time since... well, who can remember? Things change on daily basis, we get multiple notifications from the world every time we blink, I just hope the New Year has treated you well so far with just enough amount of steady temperatures to get by. I have a few things to tell you, I bet some are more obvious than others and not many words is needed to explain my absence from the blog. We are expecting a second child this May and every time I repeat this sentence or type it up or simply go through each word separately, I still get the urge to pinch myself. And I get to do it a couple of times every week, believe me. After years of neglecting thoughts of nursing, nappies, sleepless nights and anything in between we're back in the game. And what a game it will be! Full to the brim with any shade of blue one can possibly imagine and have time to search for in newborn departments. But to be honest, I'm not sure how we would survive over here without this colour anyway. Bringing Nadia's blue eyes out has only happened with enormous number of cool hues and shades so we're pretty accustomed to it already. But boy, b o y, a little mischievous creature that is preparing to get to know us and love us just as we've been visualizing his presence in our arms and by our bedside, in our hearts. This is new and exciting, a little frightening and again... exciting! To be mum of a girl has been a wonderful experience I could repeat over and over again, raising a boy - is it going to be different? Yes, for sure but oh give me a boy now and I'll melt with joy right here, right this very moment. I want my days to be consumed by a little person again, a boy, my son, my little A... 

I half-remember days without you in my thoughts already and cannot wait to meet you. x
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