Sunday, November 23

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EVERYTHING WE LOOK FOR IN A PERFECT DAY, english weather, awesome day, todaymyway.com

She loves to keep things interesting. She does love to surprise me every time I look at her longer than just to smile and wink and it excites and frightens me alike. It’s kind of wonderful she’s entirely different person the minute my eye moves along traits that are no longer in play, yes I’m insanely into everything transforming so seriously. It struck me enormously how it was possible to grow so quickly under my watchful eye! That flexibility of nature, the perfect finishing touches to be found settling in under the waterproof parka, fleece linings, scarves of many colours, crowns and princess gowns. Even hair is growing in a way that keeps things in an inevitable perspective, still out of proportion to her changing body, getting past her ribs and beyond. I feel a lot of pressure to get to know her more, love her deeper, give more attention, get creative with every day we make memories. Because it’s transitory. I’m among those mums that await more, seek clues, spot a difference from a mile away, be that from a photo or a new grimace, particular move, new shade of golden in her hair. Each month my eyes are trained to the full and I feel grateful for this child becoming a big girl but yes, I will never recover from losing the squishy body and toothless gums. 

You can rely on me Mother Nature, I’m witnessing a beautiful process of someone growing up - outgrowing fabrics, skilfully creating multiple verb sentences, forming friendships and still holding my hand on walks all over town. She prefers to do it more than when she was younger, more adventurous I suppose? Always a block ahead of me, turning back and laughing she made it quicker than I. I guess five year olds don’t run away, they just hold you tight and steer your steps – shall we go this way? take that front seat on the bus? sit right here so we can see everything? I notice however her paths shifting gradually, letting go of my hand and just be, pushing boundaries and wandering off. Mostly at bus stops when the waiting times vary rudely from what the timetable promises. We still go out a few times a month, hand in hand, one rain boot in the puddle but those days of careless escapades are so behind us. A school girl is a new role, new exciting adventure, a thing that takes up all the time and energy. I vaguely recall an outing in the past weeks, it was dreary, we had colds, chicken pox symptoms, we skipped most of the fun stuff. And then the weather surprised with a warm kiss on exposed foreheads and there was no stopping us from adventure we were so accustomed to. Sometimes going weeks without exploring the area brings more energy to be out and about than any other idea. We were realistic, only having enough time to play before the sun setting rapidly thanks to Daylight Saving Time. It was warm but we wore hats, ate chips while waving legs on a wooden bench. It felt like a tailor-made for us afternoon we'll try to relive anytime.    

awesome day, perfect time, autumn at the seaside, todaymyway.com
calm sea, fascinating neighbourhood, at the seaside, perfect day, todaymyway.com
EVERYTHING WE LOOK FOR IN A PERFECT DAY, awesome day, todaymyway.com
perfect day, english weather, awesome day, yellow van, todaymyway.com


Friday, November 21

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Finally there's a sign of existence over here! I'm not hibernating, promise. I'm just getting my act together but here, this is what was happening before I stopped overflowing with ideas. x

Cutting my bangs was a major do. I had a fringe at the age of seven so I never really knew the purpose of looking forward to sporting it again, that long time ago it was. Like there were no memories attached to a tangled batch of hair. So I did it and let it grow out completely for the past month allowing it to cover my eyebrows and take over the top lash line before I found the way to a hairdresser. What a weird, wonderful state. Trimming bangs is a fairly simple process, isn't it? It turns out it is not. I ended up with an inch of a fringe gap from the eyebrows and at least a month of figuring out the right decisions how to style it. 

If you happen to live in suede in a place that doesn't respect suede, it can be hard. Not good looking and special in any way. So I turned to leather and artificially made material, anything that won't hold water and produce stains. This weather has made me respond this way.

The world looks a lot prettier from the top. Yes, our neighborhood looks fancier from upstairs of a double decker bus we ride to school and back. We rotate our seats with the front row beating all others, we peek into fenced gardens and laugh at the crowds in the heavy rain (sorry!). And we're not too keen on going down the stairs anytime soon.

Am I the only mama wearing hat these days? Have I got no ally on the school playground? How do you decide what is essential and what is just a trend? What is a lightweight option then? Be mindful and help me out here, please.  

I love when Damian takes care of us girls. We needed access to the hallway mirror and how could we when there was his enormous bike taking all that space? I disliked the thing since the day it arrived and stayed in there never moving an inch when I needed to adjust a piece of clothing or two. We were not meant to be pals. One morning a while ago I happen to jump in front of the mirror without a slightest trouble using the whole space to swish and turn. It didn't occur to me something was missing. I nearly crushed Damian's ribs in excitement for moving his two wheels to the storage area for winter (so there's no joy when the summer rolls around).   

Enjoy the weekend friends, definitely x


Saturday, November 1

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fabulous to be in the minority, cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy, todaymyway.com
cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy, todaymyway.com, family time

Long overdue, but I finally got round to downloading and showing you the day we returned from holiday this summer. Tired as we were, still in our travel gear and making no effort to satisfy our hunger, we grabbed some gifts we bought for Nadia's cousins and headed to meet them as there's nothing more rewarding than seeing your kids reach to each other after such a long break in playing and refusing to play. It was exciting especially there was Lego on hand, a girl or boy favourite. Dads got involved, mums stepped aside, kids watched impatiently as the creatures came to plastic life. Being little girl among little boys is a delight to watch daily, seeing her navigating skillfully through car races and sword fights armed with charm and delicacy simply melts my heart. She loves her cousins to bits, announces cheerfully what she is going to tell them when they meet (showing off new dress or a hair piece waiting for their ecstatic response but really there's only a confused smile she gets in return. We really need to work on the boys a lot more.) and gets immersed in their motorized world more than they get entwined with hers.  

And then we had pizza to satisfy our hunger and discovered that some of the time tomboy-ish nature is meant to be to balance all that girlishness there is accumulated. Have a fabulous weekend, friends. xx     

pizza ready to go, cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy, todaymyway.com
boy and girl, cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy, todaymyway.com


Thursday, October 30

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Nadia really loves jumping up on the windowsill (with securely locked windows) in the lounge to greet her friends still chasing balls or riding their bikes on the parking space outside to see who she will have most success with. Most probably she would be already in her pajamas putting the bedtime off a minute or two. One time there was a friend visiting her friend from downstairs and Nadia knocked on the window for the girl to look up. Then she came to me saying that the girl looked up and waved to her. I asked if Nadia waved back. She replied: "No, I didn't. I was shy."

There was this little disturbing pimple on Nadia's cheek once she woke up so she came up to me all concerned asking what colour it was. 

We were playing restaurant the other day and I asked what she is serving today. "We have chicken, fries and ketchup." Than went away to check what else and came back saying: "We also serve salt."

Before our visit to Bath I was checking all the attractions we would be visiting telling Damian that most of the places offered free entry for children under five and I kept mindlessly repeating: Nadia is free here, she's free here... Then she said to me all confused: "I'm four, not three."

We like watching Disney classic fairy tales and the other day Nadia came to me saying: "I always cry when there is sad music." Oh, my sensitive little heart. She also cried when the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast" was dying in the arms of Belle. 

The cuteness files 01

the cuteness files, fun pictures, phrases and sayings


Wednesday, October 29

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Not so long ago there was lots of entertainment on the streets of our town, there was sun and tourists rubbed elbows with the local crowd. There was a story to every day through activities or celebration of slow-paced process and I couldn’t help but reminisce those days. I’m especially drawn to the colour of the sky and our rosy complexion positively glowing. Whilst most of the pictures are bright and happy, they introduce a cosy, intimate feel. Today like no other day we need some encouragement as the sky refuses to brighten up since the early morning. 

As always we were blown away by the Air Show that entertains us annually and takes the summer away with it. But while it was still matching our mood - it was all about the atmosphere, getting together with others and a sense of belonging to this town. Pilots were masters at playing with gravity through variation of cloud-capped acts whilst making incredible noise. They seemed to do it so effortlessly it looked right playful, theatrical even! There was plenty of open space for Nadia to roam, plenty to indulge ourselves into that one late afternoon. 

at the seaside, fascinating neighbourhood, summer, town entertainment, today my way blog
at the seaside, summer, town entertainment, today my way blog, eating ice cream
at the seaside, summer, town entertainment, today my way blog
at the seaside, summer, town entertainment, today my way blog, ice cream time
►►► Sea bestudded with boats awaiting the show
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