Almost is the key word here. Because it does exist although you could only use three bullet points to describe it - wash, scrub and moisturize. It's not that I don't want to commit to a full ritual of applying each and every lotion, oil and cream to a thirsty skin, I'm just not a beauty routine material exactly following directions. Essentially not now and I do not regret it. Partly, after discovering a family of freckles settling comfortably on the apples of my cheeks and all the way up under eyes, not great news.

I call my routine minimal but regular and they're another key words to note. As long as it's zero time consuming and all my essentials are at reach, I'm in the game. Dim-light friendly products that go out with me, stress with me and eventually ecstatically part with me at the end of the day are just a few and never rapidly changing - light moisturizer, foundation, concealer as a must, dab of brown eyeshadow, mascara and a pink blush. Lipstick may appear if found in the drawer. It all comes off before I go to bed, no compromises on this. Fresh, washed and creamed complexion has no substitute and I'm so glad mine is still a priority although slightly neglected during those high in hormone rushing days of pregnancy, but what's done is done and I surely like me some freckles from time to time. Also - and this is a big game changer for me - I am not a sun lover. Yes, sun does excite me but I try not to tan purposefully so the damage is not yet too great to worry about in advance. Hats on then, girls.

 Nails, those are my major love affair. When fully capable of reaching my own toes I excitedly try new trends and colours, share ideas with my nailart-crazy friend and get on with daily tasks. No special occasion is needed to actively decorate them, good mood and a well brewed coffee are enough to convince me to a pattern I've only just liked on Pinterest.

These days as I am done with my hospital bag, washed baby clothes and took every step imaginable to have everything zipped up and ready I knew there would be tasks patience and my husband's understanding I will call for. You do realize I have zero control over my lower parts therefore I rely entirely on these two beloved people in order to survive. They do a great job as you can see. I'm hoping to expand some of my beauty rituals and have an easy, requiring very little thought regimen soon especially in styling my hair which is a completely embarrassing topic at the mo. It can take a while so I'd love your suggestions. x


Once the wind calms down, clouds shift aside, getting a head-start in occupying the beach rarely happen. There are more crazy people out there who could call the shore their second home and we are not them. We still find ways to spot many incredible beaches though and we do take notes which ones will come to mind when we're done with cold and rain. But soon the surroundings will completely change for this little girl which is quite overwhelming to even think of - there will be forests, countryside roads, fruit gardens, towns full of stone, sandy paths and deep lakes - all to experience fondly within two weeks of summer holidays. I am on the other hand staying put with my little boy showing him bits of the seaside and bits of dry land. Our beloved slice of the world.

Summer holidays are important inspiration for the cold seasons ahead, even more important for Nadia to see her close family during this sweaty time. Every year I go to great lengths ensuring she has more opportunities to eat great food, speak only Polish, be as playful as grandmas will let her. I want the days to be slow and messy, I want to notice more freckles on her nose and no hesitation in running full force towards those who love her dearly. I want to see her watering plants only grandpa knows the names of, picking fresh produce and piling it by handfuls straight into her mouth, unwashed, sweet and delicious. I want her to spend too long smelling the rain and soil, walking distances between familiar places and those who are not, falling asleep so tired it delights. Every summer I want her to count days to boarding a plane, pack her backpack sometimes around May and choose the theme colour of summer dresses way before the websites announce the trends. I want to listen to her telling me what this time will be like even though every summer seems to be different from the last. From the moment she rises till the late hours of each spring - I want her to dream of Poland and carry those dreams with her way beyond the school gate. It's not negotiable, it's not a part of any discussion, the best thing I can possibly do for my children, for us as a family is to ensure that year after year they embrace the moments on a soil I know and cherish beyond comprehension. That they recognize their roots and faces of each and everyone I owe a lot more than just features, habits and fondest memories. And really Polish sun feels so good on our skin, trying to work through the dates and looking for cheap flights is just a formality - every year, after school closes for its annual break in educating. It's all adding up to creating memories and that's why it's so important.

►► A girl in her element, swimwear optional

►► ... I'm on the other hand personifying big sea creatures occupying rocks and quiet nooks of sorts

Have a great day, friends!


Baby cot mobiles. What is it about them that we love so crazily much? They're colourful, inviting and they help bedtime feel cozy for little ones. And they're so easy to make yourself or with a little help from a dedicated craftsman who will also chat you up on latest cartoons and headbands this life is too short to discuss in detail. I saw so many beautiful, mostly handmade baby cot mobiles around the internet and beyond I got the urge to try and risk it myself. Supplied in sheets of colourful felt, pom poms (not used but carefully considered for the task), small beads and funny faces - me and Nadia sat down to create something that may not last long once pulled and played with yet so adorable we couldn't just pass this opportunity up. A cloud made of two hearts sewn together and drops of rain (hearts and butterflies to add to a happy family) hanging down was all that was needed.

 Nadia was busy cutting shapes while singing loud and clear, I made sure all pieces had their place and looked just right from all angles. It all came together rather well - once the clouds were done, all we did was to string cut out elements on a piece of thread, finish it off with something pretty and heavy and voila, our new favourite toy has been born bringing some character to the small nursery nook that has been our dear hang out spot lately. I still think there are so many people out there making more beautiful and exquisite creations but I guess we didn't do bad either. I think I have already looked at it a hundred times hoping our little dude will be mighty excited too. What do you think? x


If I was a single man and wanted to plunge into seeing whoever I dared in such a way we imagine folk do, keeping up with my adventures would prove impossible. I know what I'm saying as I behave just so... in befriending a new person. Some friendships are formed naturally and nobody truly remembers who waved first or who was in charge of selecting peak time activity like the best coffee in the most crowded sitting area. As adults we just pick up the first, least embarrassing option to act as boldly and confidently as sweating palms let us and trust that the choice was right. But it's not the choice of local bench or size of latte we should discuss -- how do you know that this typical individual is perfect for a snack out while also your meal will be a surprise? That's why new friendships rarely come about in our 30s. Clueless how to begin a conversation - to joke or throw a heartfelt story one afternoon wouldn't contain its culminating point? This is really a ride for the bravest.

I met this woman while putting entirety of Nadia's pre-loved clothes on sale. She responded to an add in anticipation to release us from years and years of once promising bundle of fabrics for a future baby girl. Shorter than me with dark hair and pleasant appearance stayed a little longer than rummaging through vibrant colours and exchanging money would take. On her way out (still chatting up overly optimistically) I skipped every element of formality and just let this thing come out of my mouth to my slight silent disbelief. I actually asked her if she would want to come over for coffee (or latte or a slice of whatever is nearly going bad in my pantry) after my baby is born. It might be kind of dangerous to let things like that slip out of my mouth so easily but I could let that bother me or outline our first meeting in tiniest details instead (our daughters could play together while we'll catch up on our last fifteen years of life). She was as eager to see me as I thought she would be. We didn't exchange telephone numbers but we know where to find each other. And later that day after asking her if her girls liked what she got them as there's no such thing as having too many girlie stuff -- she offered to come at the end of the week to bring me a basket of fresh, hand-picked strawberries as an act of gratefulness. And believe me, those innocent strawberries once put at the counter level were the sweetest, the most carefully picked and placed for us to devour. They were gone before I could even blink. I am thankful for such small acts of human kindness I could barely have a dry eye. I'm so looking forward to get to know her or just run into her friendly face on the street. Head still spinning ;)

And to end this story as sentimental as I have intended it to be - I'm constantly on a lookout for people to bring as much joy to my life as I could offer to theirs. Simple 'hello' and 'how nice your distressed pair of mommy jeans are' work magic. And with my baby boy soon craving company of his age, I can see so many possibilities in meeting mums and their bunches of joy to our heart's content and expanding snack drawer.

Dress, Long sleeve top: Atmosphere, Bomber jacket: Next, Ballerinas: H&M



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