Friday, January 23

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relationship, one truth, thoughts on things,
one truth, relationship, my first and only,

A girl can distinguish between sexes from early on, she has a brother after all (rhyming not intended). She is curious, asks questions, doesn't look for love story but the truth behind the attraction and the mystery (too many discoveries for one childhood). She notices getting noticed and begins to feel pretty. There are other things on her mind so she doesn't keep up with a whistle here and there; she moves towns, her family breaks into pieces, face attracts more sebum than ever before. There's nothing perfect here. 

She finds solace in words. She can formulate a six sentence paragraph before she's found ways to believe it herself. Her ambitions reach way beyond metallic finish of the crown on a prom queen, undeveloped features define her style, attitude and destiny. She kisses but it's not exciting, not a butterfly swirls in her stomach. She's looking for company but she'd rather make an eye contact than thrill a bunch of girls with stories of first love experiments. Even if it's pretty good stuff. She knows she doesn't have to say yes to everything unless it's kind of wonderful. She can find dozens of excuses to stay indoors and she does just so but you know what, it sort of happens sometimes and in a rather unexpected way love appears. Most love stories do not begin with a word love anywhere near but we have always good intentions and she wasn't that much different. They meet most spontaneous way, queuing in the same line, chit chatting and exchanging telephone numbers. He thinks he knows her from somewhere, she knows he lies to chat her up. She goes for it anyway. Well, not quite but that's the story for the grandchildren and because it's a long one, let's get excited elsewhere. They are seeing each other frequently, kiss on the first date, get to know their birthmarks and activate every single sense by the third month. A girl has never been seen happier, a boy more fascinated. Officially they aren't kids but have everything in common with them and if this is an indication of how this life could be, she's over the moon. She is OK with admitting he is her first and only and that she's found her soul mate, lover, a partner in great things and trivial things they fight over. Indestructible is exaggeration but they are doing fine, figuring out life as it goes. And that's alright for a girl not knowing many lips when he still acts as if she is some amazing human after all those years.  

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crazy people, relationship, one truth,

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Wednesday, January 21

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We're in that awkward childhood stage with Nadia right now where the transition to sleeping alone is believed to have taken place way before the child's first birthday. Yet the controversial advice I came across recently releases parents from the co-sleeping guilt and prescribes sharing the big bed until age three or four! What logic stands behind the idea? Co-sleeping is claimed to make it easier for mother and child to bond, it prevents damages in the development of the brain and makes a baby sleep sounder on a mother's chest as studies revealed the heart to be under three times as much stress when the baby slept alone. 
 I believe it is our choice to co-sleep or prepare the nursery bed for our children, what works for one family, will not be suitable or simply appealing to the other. Nadia slept in her Moses basket and a crib until eight months old as we wanted to avoid the increased risk of rolling over and smother her and simply wanted to teach her to sleep soundly on her own. We would bring her over occasionally to share our bed but were extremely careful doing it. Since eight months old she stayed there for good climbing in her big girl's pink sheets on occasions. We can argue and point fingers at each other but those have been the best days of our lives and couldn't be more different from other families'. I always believed in no pressure parenting, in things happening naturally and gradually. The more tension and expectations we create, the more disturbed personality is shaped. Not many routines are set up around our crazy household, let it be bedtime, mealtime or a learning schedule. Things happen as we want them to without being overly outlined. We're working on habits and manners, letters and sounds all the time. We're working on raising a happy child without pre-planned strategy. And we feel really good about things whether there will be changes or not. 

But I was here to discuss co-sleeping not the structure of our household. It's happening, it's comforting and if introducing her own bed will bring the nightly wandering between our bedrooms, so be it. One sleepless night at a time, one naturally occurring step at one time. We'll figure it out as we go, as we always do. Fresh starts with flexible options. What is your view on sharing bed with your child? x     

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Sunday, January 11

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Nadia ran to meet her daddy in a hallway after he came from work and announced with a sad face: I sneezed at school today and nobody said 'cheers'.

We're walking home from school and chatting. Me: "Who would you like to become when you grow up?" Nadia in a serious voice: "I don't know. I'll find out when I grow up."

We're role-playing with Nadia, I'm pretending to be Sven, a reindeer from Frozen and she is Rapunzel (and holding appropriate toys to imitate our characters). After a while me/Sven says wearily: "I'm going home Rapunzel, I'm tired." Nadia/Rapunzel rolling her eyes: "Men."

Nadia was gifted an empty house sticker book to fill in with household equipment, sat with it and wasn't seen for a long time. I thought it would be another quick to finish project with predictable moves but was surprised to find out that there was a whole story to this book - pillows flying in the air, glasses swirling without order and the human characters placed upside down trying to keep balance in the howling wind. She explained how the wind entered the house and played a huge part in rearranging the furniture. It had magical powers making the space look less harmonious but oh so interesting. What a great imagination! 

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Friday, January 9

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tresure chest, accessories,
style, accessories, jewellery, tresure chest,
tresure chest, jewels,
Feeling, touching, trying on feels natural to me. In building more intentional jewellery collection it's impossible to find an object of value and not engage in a personal contact. There are no criteria to determine which item will be brought home with me, often my choice is built solely on emotion, sometimes on sentiment and quite frequently on visuals. I'm a dedicated jewellery collector but a very shallow wearer, there's not a single piece of bling I've been wearing as a second skin which happens to be bare most of the time (even my wedding ring didn't get much wear before I lost it during one of our flat moves). Actually seeing my earrings on all photos as of late states otherwise but that's it, no other accessory stays that put without me having to imagine several ways to wear it. I guess I require a special occasion to feel a precious metal against my skin therefore I present unto you an oddly small collection of jewels. I just realized I feel most natural and comfortable with a minimum of anything on me - let it be clothes, accessories, tattoos but when it happens, it happens for a reason and to make a statement - embarrassingly large rings and necklaces spotted from miles. Anything a small boned girl could want at daytime and at night. Sometimes though I get aroused at a delicacy of fine product with the daintiest detail you'd be afraid to touch, not to mention put your arms around me in order not to break it. A girl can change, you know.  
This little chest of drawers used to get a lot of attention from Nadia, now her own little box is filling up tremendously quick with colour and texture, well-known motifs and simple hand made pieces. Variety and abundance is what we attempt at. (however she's one more Kinder Surprise bracelet away from relocating to a bigger room ;)   

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Wednesday, January 7

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No magic skills required in noticing school is more than just pens and stickers for this little lady. There may be other more desirable writing supplies among them but friendship and helping others is the main ingredient. After a long Christmas break, Nadia looked so much forward to this moment when she met all her best friends as of last September to play with, laugh and giggle. She even prepared thoughtful colourful drawings, wrapped them up as gifts and couldn't wait to distribute them around the school playground. Nothing could beat how proud and excited she was! 

Her friends' names come up frequently in our conversations and continue to appear into the late hours of the day and I always try to remember them as she goes. It's not a huge task as there are only a few girls that have her current attention (Bella, Violet, Maya, Eliona) but she gets upset when I mix them up so of course I have to stay focused and on top of things. I love being introduced to her games and ideas, more happily if her friends take part in it too. Whether sitting with us at the table and making imaginary noises or appearing long-haired and sporting most sequined outfits under her busy crayons, in whatever form it happens, it is awesomely obvious there are some great friendships formatting. And I love how she's naturally open to this chapter of getting to know and like, look forward to and enjoy, it makes me giddy with excitement for the people she'll make her life full of. There are still pre-school friends mentioned so we're making arrangements to have fun with keeping up with their scheduled days of stories of well-known books and toys they wholeheartedly recommend in their pink and purple infused lives. 

Today the school doors opened again, spirits were high, parents chatty and the kids enthusiastic. On our way home that day, Nadia talked about this girl that was upset and how Nadia offered to play with her to cheer her up, it made me so happy. And although the purpose of going to school to learn is far more important than anything else, Nadia's first and most looked forward to activity will always remain to be the kind and supportive friend she can be. Watching it happening is my favourite thing and will be updated weekly (just kidding, guys). Have a great week, friends! x  

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