Wednesday, August 27

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Wearing Rimmel Rouge a Levres Rossetto in Diva Red

As you probably know by now I have this thing for eye enhancers, directly speaking: mascaras, eyeliners, cheap or fancy eye shadows. But lipstick? A Cinderella of my beauty bag, neglected, pushed and shoved. But sometimes my glamorous side takes over and comes out in frivolous amounts of glossy. Or matte. This summer I've splurged on five different shades not steering away too much from a girly pink because if you're just starting up, don't back off of what works. Sooo the devil red... suddenly my features came alive! I loved it, especially when paired with denim jeans, nice pair of heels and a high ponytail. Am I getting too carried away?
Wearing Body Shop Colour Crush Shine in Fuchsia Flirt (No 15)
One of the favourites - however subtle that may look it feels way more sumptuous in person and adds an extra spot of warmth to my skin. With a lot more blusher on my cheeks I'd feel 25 again! 

new arrivals, glamour, make up
Wearing MAC Lustre in Syrup
Not too sure at first about this one, I nervously agreed to have it applied at the store - darker than natural colour of my lips immediately put them more in focus. A little more defined but still not shouting crazily like hot fuchsia or fiery red.

my make up, lipstick, beauty
Wearing Body Shop Colour Crush Shine in Poppy the Question (No 12)
A lot more shiny than the devil red one above kind of warms up my face making it look more lively and flirty. Not skipping the hot blusher which takes my makeup from being OK to much more appealing.
Wearing Primark P.S. Love...
Clearly nobody guessed but the juiciest, overwhelmingly exciting of all was my cheapish Primark find. It gets a lot of use, I have a habit of reapplying its soft texture alarmingly often. It stays on even when wiped off. It's about time to stock on it or wait for something better.

So far Nadia's seemed unconcerned with any of it. xx


Monday, August 25

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I recall exclaiming many truths since becoming an expat, one being a longtime saying that my heart has been happily divided. Not broken to pieces or replaced by new fragments but existing peacefully in two different spheres containing important portions of my life. Like enjoying morning piece of toast topped with the sweetest organically made jam sitting next to a lemon tea unthinkable in British milky tea loving households. Or laughing hysterically at occasions teeming with situations where telling if it is banter meaning no harm or a serious conversation not particularly funny to fellow foreigner onlookers is hard to distinguish (I once posted an old photo of me sporting long locks on Facebook saying I missed my long hair and got a response from my English friend advising me that I could get wigs on the NHS if I wanted. Yes, we still speak to each other). I secretly love it - it's the best reminder I'm doing all right in both places, still finding myself excited, bundled with thousand feelings popping up on a daily basis. 

But this time it was different. The more we soaked in every minute of every day with uncontrolled bursts of laughter from our curious child, the closer we were to the idea of moving back to where we used to belong. One of the absolute best things about this trip was having everybody at arm's reach, a phone call away, streetcar ride ahead giving Nadia enough attention to fill the entire city. Not only that has turned my eye towards the streets we used to roam unemployed but happy - there are copious amounts of new buildings growing, near and far districts get much needed makeover from people living in their quarters, tenement houses shout with comparable in prices offers. Or is it just my vivid imagination playing tricks on me, making me believe that we're able to start over and be successful on a well-known soil? I didn't expect that it would be this hard. To feel homesick with every cell of my body. Seeing all the photos taken on our recent holiday doesn't help to ease my crazy emotions, this topic will definitely spark some serious conversations or will simply fade away amongst everyday chores and duties. Time will tell.      
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family and friends, traveling, poland
awesome time, things swirling around my head
►►► We spent a lot of time traveling. I could get used to it. Also can you see how pink I am? Me and the summer sun were always aiming for different looks.


Saturday, August 23

explorer's diary, old castle, poland

I've been meaning to show you photos of the old castle we took on our way to my dad's house since we got back from Poland. I'm in love with castles and places of enough history to make my heart racing just by touching the stone. I'm creating stories, visualizing ordinary days of land that belonged to hard working people and it makes the whole experience more figured out for my lazy brain on vacation. I loved that this time around our threesome was always accompanied by our dearest much for Nadia's entertainment and delight. We would tell our plans to everyone who listened and agree on joining others with their arrangements whether we fitted in their car or not. Not forgetting I had my dear friend and cousin, Magda almost on my speed dial for quick meetings after she finished work and s l o w paced weekends on any weather situations. So when together with her hubby she offered to take us in a three hour journey and spend the rest of the day on nothing but doing all kind of things together, we thought we really nailed that balance between disobliging presence and excited exhaustion of topics of sorts. It gave me so many ideas of more co-traveling opportunities whenever there will be a chance.

But for the castle... Six hundred years locked behind an iron entrance gate, within every square inch of white stone and above slippery flooring we had trouble staying upright were there to get entwined with. Renovated up to the highest tower we had pleasure of viewing gave us access to almost every part of the building together with a torture chamber (photos on the bottom of this post), dark dungeons full of uncertain ground, floors we ran up and down at top speed to keep up with our little investigator  

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explore the world, wandering, family time
windy day, old castle,
►►► The wind came out to play and did what it wanted with Nadia's hair. And it would continue to do so but she was gone to explore right the minute after the picture was taken.
family time, family, poland, castle
my man standing, gate, old castle

The wooden staircase you see below frightened me enormously. It was when I learned I suffer from fear of heights except I really try not to pay attention to this discovery and explore nonetheless. Because how can you not look down, or above and around when you're here to do just so? It was as dreadful as it was awesome but I will continue living my life dangerously. We had the craziest traveling schedule ever but made sure everybody was satisfied, fed and taking in quaint views with a great pleasure.

Enjoy the weekend, friends! x
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Thursday, August 21
You haven't been prepared to see me wearing glasses, have you? So I'm taking advantage of my favourite global online glasses and sunglasses store, Firmoo and hiding contact lenses away. For those of you wondering how a gal that is not confident enough to walk around four eyed is shouting out about her new beautiful frames, the answer is brief. As a shortsighted person I needed a break from my beloved, invisible friends being put away each night and greeted again every morning. I also wanted to break up a monotony and add something cool to complement -my not always- stylized look and how does one say no to an accessory for all seasons, in a shade that strikes their fancy? When Firmoo asked me to review their product I literally dropped what I was doing and rummaged through the office drawer to find that eyeglasses prescription. The pair I was super excited about was the one with a crazy pattern inside of frame and a mix of black and brown splashes on the outside called Tortoise. What I loved about choosing the right frame for the shape of my face was the possibility of uploading my photo and having fun 'trying on' different styles and designs to be perfectly sure I liked the way they fit. Totally worked! Once I was happy with the design, I had so many options I could choose from to customize my new accessory for best possible experience. 

firmoo, glasses, sponsored post

Although I opted for women's frames, I was hooked on many unisex designs which totally rocked my style. Every pair comes with a beautifully crafted high quality case featuring a map, a spectacle pouch, cleaning cloth and tiny screwdriver were also added to the mix. You are also presented with a detailed 'maintain method' of how to care for your eyewear (such as not to take off eyeglasses with a single hand as it can make the frame deform and which I was guilty of in the past). I've worn mine for over a week and figuring out what makes them work is easy: throw in to that mix of what I've said the delicacy of the product with its incredible durability and I've found the right formula. Made of high quality material can occasionally fall into hands of a curious child of mine but it only makes them more desirable. Oh, and taking an interesting case out of my handbag feels totally cool in any circumstances. I'm loving my new pair! Visit Firmoo website to browse their latest selection, I'm right beside to cheer your finds.   

So tell me about you. Do you switch between glasses and contacts or have you made that move for good? Do you enjoy wearing glasses? I'm curious to find out. xx 

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 << This post is sponsored by Firmoo. Thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors. x


Tuesday, August 19

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This seemed like an ordinary day but there are no ordinary days when you're on vacation with all five senses excessively used. We made sure the act of getting up was easy and there were not many preparations involved as less planned meant more inspired. It was best decision I made on an empty stomach so far. The temperature allowed us for more than just waltzing between flowerbeds noticing early sunlight filter through busy wings buzzing away vigorously all day long. I read an inspirational book, Damian was in charge of our picky dietary demands bringing deliciously ripe fruit to the table leaving Nadia finding her ways around what's accessible and a little limiting, suited to her current age and lifestyle (and taking her devoted grandma along with her). Seeing a Wonder Woman wearing a cape made of a finest terry come to life filled us with somewhat a bittersweet emotions. She is a happy, easily satisfied child, she loves being active and a little silly to entertain us big creatures but when it rarely involves those she's started loving only a couple of years ago the whole perspective of a good time changes. The trick here is to refill memories ever so often with the ones that have transformed our lives forever and are willing to stay inseparable without being overwhelming (whether it involves home-made capes or bouquets of randomly picked up flowers or not). A lot of interest came through simplest of activities - the obsession over weeding, rearranging and watering plants was real. So was the running and dancing so we thought a little body will naturally ease itself to sleep while we head for a date out. 

An adult evening was spontaneously arranged for an open-air watching movie. It got dark quickly, we found ourselves on a double date with my cousin, almost eaten alive by mosquitoes not afraid to cut through fabric, in my opinion a pretty brutal thing to do. The dress code was obvious - if you don't want to count the itchy spots for the rest of the next week, you pull your best pants on, cover bare skin, laugh hysterically at Black Cat White Cat by Kusturica. Just to say, bare skin was unfortunately visible so pretend not to notice the insect bites on the photos. Because they are there like moles or birthmarks. Only more hated. It was a great night of same-minded people enjoying toothless smiles on a big inviting screen. We didn't intend to stay up past the movie so heading straight home felt as a relaxed ending to a beautiful date. How surprised we were to find a little unkempt head looking out the window and waving to us at almost midnight without a slightest care in the world. If you're in the mood for playing and parents will not be back soon, not used to being looked after by others, Nadia took full advantage of the time and space that was available for her. Only the next evening we arranged similar expedition so coming up with a new plan how to handle a five year old's bedtime routine on holiday was more than appropriate. Did it go as pre-planned? This girl's dedication to fun is beyond our comprehension. But there are no ordinary days while on vacation...          
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the tale of the ordinary, grandma, flowers, garden


Wednesday, August 13

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►►► Ballerina after the shows keeping her sugar levels in check. So proud of this girl we were celebrating with more colour and falvour than we had room for. 

make up, nadia, kids fashion

It was two rainy days of an early July when effortless meant nothing to us. It was about vibrant shots of colour and all the satin features a little girl dreams of or talks about without pausing in case you aren't familiar with a five year old and her clutter of thought. This was such a fun time for everybody involved or not - after almost a year of pirouetting and spinning in all adequate directions, Nadia's first ballet performance in Alice in Wonderland as a bear picnic attendant and a skipping bunny was delightful to watch. I made sure I told absolutely everybody about the show and hoped I was kind enough not to end up too many conversations with covering a variety of topics on the progress of stage set-up, arm movements or elaborate updos intended to stay immaculate for at least the first interval of the show but not necessarily. Some people were more than grateful I did so ;) The atmosphere was great, Nadia looked super stunning in her lilac dress but the full make up needed for the purpose of avoiding the light on stage to drain the colour from her face never returned after the first show. I suppose having it done once and touched up so many times was too much devotion for a little girl. And I liked her that way, with cheeks of a natural pink, shiny eyes without pigmented sparkles.  

So this is my ballerina as of early July, in well-crafted gown to be worn on all occasions after the show, most recently at a breakfast table and on late evening bike rides. I guess not having enough time to devote to fashion (as there are other things to dedicate energy to when you're five) but still wanting to look good means throwing the most glamorous fabric on and be ready for an adventure. Don't tell me you wouldn't do just the same.   

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ballet, alice in wonderland, kids fashion

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