Thursday, July 10

suede, outfit post, today my way
styling awesome, flowery skirt
at the seaside, outfit post
styling awesome, at the seaside
wind, at the seaside, skirt
outfit post, at the seaside
vintage necklace, outfit post, today my way
Shirt: Gap, Skirt: Asos, Wedges, Suede jacket: Bershka, Necklace: vintage Pilgrim

What do you think when you see me ending up wearing grey? It's never an accident, believe me. But how about changing it for the finest colours of the season covering me almost in more than three quarters? This may be an accident or a new trend or both. Paired with whatever neutral is serving me madly in every weather I was ready to face the wind that will never do anything good to my hair full of shine when I remember to give it some loving. It blew, it kept me turning for help that never came in the open space I paused for the evening. And the baggy, very light fabric helped enormously for the weather to have a good time throughout. My thoughts are kind to looser fittings, flowing fabrics and I guess the timing couldn't have been more perfect. You rule, summer!

We're holidaying in Poland and Blogger is here on some days too. Thank you for stopping by, I can't wait to visit your blogs when I come back fully tanned or not. xxx 


Friday, July 4

instagram, weekend
thoughts on things, lipstick, weekend

You know when you're taking shower and wish to be cool enough to be able to turn it down for a relaxing cold stream? It never happens because this is the kind of torture nobody will commit to without a good cause so feel my pain or praise my resistance (delete as appropriate) as I'm forced to treat myself  with therapeutic cold showers my body doesn't seem to appreciate. I believe we haven't been punished by our landlord for not submitting meter readings on time. 

A gal that neglects her lips for most of her lifetime has splurged on four lipsticks on one shopping spree. But I know I'm doing the right thing. And I will need more to practice. 

My marriage is revolutionarily restored with each season of new TV series or whatever's worth our time and horrified gasps. Nothing glues people together more than weekly couch sessions and far too many bowls of salted popcorn.

The Body Shop needs to set limits to my purchases because I rarely do. I love it that much and a little beyond. 

Things that I do when pack for holiday - contemplate household purchases, check clothes for sizes and imagine their potential, overdose on tea and snacks, play around with accessories. Simply having fun rearranging my closet at the least appropriate hour.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And happy 4th July to all my American friends! x


Wednesday, July 2

daily events, today my way
good vibes, thoughts on things, friends

You could actually accuse me of turning this blog into a food space but I'm only using the images from my recent trip to Poland so it seems like the most logical choice. As you can imagine, there was a lot of edibles to choose from, leaving a lot of it untouched was the least logical of all. I like being invited over, I'm good at doing nothing productive over a glass of drink prepared with easiness and in relaxed atmosphere. I'm at the age and frame of mind that tea only tastes well if brewed over multiple topics at once. So yeah, make me one and we can get to details. 

I'm blessed with two great female friends that time seems to be speeding up in their presence. They're so different it amazes me. They both make me laugh, point at my achievements, both make fantastic coffee. I'm blessed with one being my soulmate, knowing me almost inside out and not hesitating to pull out more. The other's incredible ability to take my mind off of things to focus on the studs of a pair of fabulous shoes is beyond my financial capability. They look at me and laugh if the one I can talk to can still be fun and the one I have all the fun with is as good at heavy stuff as the other. They are, most definitely but I tend to have different relationship with both of them. You have to believe in such good fortune. Being separated from my soulmate due to the distance is no fun so it's more than understandable we start our dates with the heavy stuff, mix it up with a coffee or two, get back on track, add some crazy to balance the serious and my sanity is preserved. I'm lucky to have her, her insightful comments and ability to straighten me up. I'm lucky, that's her words. Lucky to be home with my daughter since her day one, lucky to have the opportunity of a weekend work. To sniff the garlic in a freshly baked dough morning after morning, to do more and enjoy as much. To share with her life lived differently. I'll see her again soon, I'll recognize my soulmate once more, will not take any of our time for granted. I'll linger and hang out a while admiring the table arrangement prepared with love just for me. It's hugely addictive, you know. x

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Monday, June 30

playground, children having fun
playground, hanging with head down

Summer, you are wonderful! I'm telling you this as an adult but once you hear it from those that enjoy it to the fullest, I bet you're done. Because summer belongs to kids and their ideas and this colourful playground always does the trick. As you can see, the beauty of it is in the simplicity, just a handful of rails needed for a lively rhythm of bodies navigating between objects. I watched Nadia and her cousins for a short while before all the laughing began and I had no choice but to grab my camera and make it my new favourite - snap and entertain, have fun and snap. If there was a need of my career path change, I'd assume to be a great force at making kids laugh. It's not easy job, you know. Kids always spot the first sign of artificiality, the trick, the fake connection so I had to think fast and react accordingly. They were the best moments. Older playground occupants laughed their socks off at a thought of me not being able to locate any children there but monkeys making funny noises while hanging with their heads down. The youngest of them accompanied the fun because he thought that this monkey business was a great idea. There is no way to go wrong while there are little people to share the fun with and sink all of the energy into doing any small thing that will get everyone into the right mood. Have a great week, friends! x        

playground, little lad
laughing kids, childhood friendship, playground
this little lady, summer activities
playing kids, playground, family fun

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Saturday, June 28

nail art
beauty, nail art, today my way

The sun is already up and I don't consider morning to be my best writing hour so I'll proceed with something my mind can handle at this unearthly moment. Nail painting used to be a challenging, nerve wrecking experience for my cuticles, something I wasn't inclined to take on again - picture all kinds of uneven lines, spills, unsteady hands creating more chaos than the design was calling for. As time flew by and my fingers found the right rhythm, I saw some really satisfying results guaranteed to please any eye. I know, it's not revolutionary but I won't fight the nice feeling of having my nails decorated. By myself.
Who is this idea for? A playful soul who wants to enjoy the season without worrying too much about trends and tools needed to create that slight distraction around her cuticles. Have fun decorating, ladies! x


Thursday, June 26

ballerina, drawing queen
►►► Nadia is a ballerina, an adventurer, an artist, it really depends on her mood and resources available.
indoor fun, in pictures
►►► If I wear it, you wear it too... A reindeer stepping outside her comfort zone.
favourite moments, letters drawing
►►► Getting there at an impressively fast rate.
her face, fun pictures
►►► I need to kiss this face immediately!
more and more comfortable in our bed
►►► It's rare that you will ever find Nadia without some sort of creative accessories. Busy week ahead, lazy days around carpeted floor will always find her with less or more serious content to get focused on.
►►► She gets more and more comfortable in our big bed. Yep, that's exactly what's happening around here. And if absolutely necessary, she might just stay there.  
chalk drawing, summer activities
►►► Nadia's most beloved activity, sun or rain, school days or not. But let's be real -- the resources are vanishing faster than what says on the box so we do pay attention. 
pelican lamp
►►► A little something to make my workspace more fun. (Tweaking, changing, re-designing will always be my second name after I've taught the world to pronounce my first correctly ;)
old photo, favourite moments
►►► One vintage piece at a time (here are members of my dad's family, doesn't the photo look like a screenshot from Al Capone's movie?)
flying with her, girl's world
►►► There's a lot of hard work put into each letter and sign. And it makes all that travel a breeze.
her sweet face, girl's world
►►► Committed to staying cute x
vintage fair, indoor fun
►►► Stuff yourself crazy at a vintage fair! It was super fun to browse through history I became aware of the minute my nostrils had their share. But it was really worth the wait.   


Tuesday, June 24

animal world, circus, horses, medrano
circus, family fun, medrano
magicians rule
elephants and other animals
animal world, circus

After all that cross-country traveling we finally got to enjoy some time in one place, part of it being an array of colour and amazement - a circus! To add intrigue to the whole experience you'll know without guessing who was most excited (excluding the bunch of animals of course). We snapped the tickets up as soon as we stumbled upon the posters announcing the biggest circus in Europe visiting town we were staying in. It was so fun to watch a small dark space transformed through light that bounced around magically to my camera lens' delight and Nadia's enormous surprise. We have a serious love for wild animals but we don't see them as often as we would prefer. So any chance to enjoy their presence is snapped right up. We had my mum-in-law by our side and my cousin right near and I'll tell you this, it is that time I value more than anything else.

►►► Nadia thought this trip would be so rad and it surely was. Soon all of that will happen again. x

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