Friday, February 27

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Blouse, Boots: H&M, Jeans: Topshop, Coat: Zara, Scarf, Beanie: Asos

Last time I have consciously put an outfit together, it was summer and I didn't fight the cold at least three times already. I found it challenging as I haven't quite grasped the right formula for complementing the body I'm in, far from a sweetheart but still behaving nicely. It was too cold for any of this! I'm a human first and my cold tolerance is achingly low. Because I'm a woman too I believe I can't remain static and overlook those serious styling decisions which can be an ongoing battle as I refuse to cooperate with any fashionable attempts when my knuckles don't answer straight away. Spring is in the air they say and the thought fuels my excitement to remove layers upon layers to make the visuals speaking louder. If I could pull off not wearing those chunky knits most days, I would. But I don't feel like it. So, right here you have a nice winter styling. Not doing much, enough to feel warm and a little put together. How do you feel about it? I think I need a spring right now.


Wednesday, February 25

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Meanwhile, between the first sign of a daffodil explosion and the strength I'm building up to stand the last of my knits we had a half term break which consisted of escapades unknown to this household. I had high hopes for this week, didn't plan but memorized some options and allocated to particular days, if they happened - fine, if not - we would still find ourselves pretty busy within four walls or local cardinal points. I'm permanently on the lookout for places of fun and peace, sometimes both. In need of outdoors we spent the time there exclusively - the abundance of fresh air, occasional rainpour, fog to a dangerous measure was all ticked. We felt kind of spoiled. 

An idea of visiting Science and Natural History Museums came up disobligingly in one of the conversations between me and mum of a boy attending Nadia's school. London has been on my mind as long as I've had fringe but my close friend dismissed the revelation. For her a successful day didn't involve rubbing elbows with the crowd or inhaling tones of carbon dioxide, I however kept the case open and was eager to accept other destinations as long as London would show up on my calendar this way or another. And the opportunity surprised and we went for it with such vigour and slightly blocked noses consumed with images in our heads of what to see and what conversations to bring up. This law of attraction really works, you guys. I may start visualizing New York if any of you are willing to send some positive vibrations from across the pond. And I can pack right now, too!
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I love this photo so much, this darling girl of mine is becoming everything I have been dreaming about in a girl - she's beautiful, so tall for her five years, has the sweetest personality and a loving heart. I know she will do so much in her life and I can't wait to witness it.
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Both places we visited were even more amazing in person. I'm still a kid at heart when it comes to new experiences, I quietly freak out. The longer we stayed, the less actively we explored just roaming curiously around enjoying time together and telling daddy all about it back home. It was a crowded experience I admit with a particular dread but the expositions and dinosaur skeletons the place overdosed on were not only checked from all angles but gasped at right from the entering the most breathtaking interior. The stairs, columns, landings, construction of walls and tiles, occasional monuments a busy eye can reach - don't even get me started on windows and their stained glass as it may take a while. Library-esq, almost Hogwarth-style building I never knew my eyes would love keep the track of. We spent big chunks of time watching endless art displays learning about human body and had a go at designing an economical train route before we sat down to eat and order life-saving mug of coffee. It was pretty wonderful seeing Nadia not squealing or beaming with joy but contemplating it all quietly in awe. How was your half term break, friends? x

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Monday, February 23

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We haven't seen a party too similar to the previous, every one is extra special, every face paint more unique and harder to wash off than the other. Yes, it's the birthday season and attending places of a great commotion has been on our schedule since beginning of this year and all Nadia's newest friends can vouch. The entertainment that is always met with joy varies tremendously from venue to venue: some go subtle with themes while others indulge in the cool stuff (temporary tattoos and inflatable slides which we all need at least a few times in a lifetime). And the abundance of bright dresses living the dream and getting their money's worth is always a delight to watch. Stories told through images stuck to the soft skin for any amount of days a girl chooses were massive hit on this occasion - even Nadia, always hesitant to engage in such creativity comfortably, proceeded to dip her toe in decorating that can be fun when she lets herself go for it. Maybe her best friend had something to do with it staying close and making sure only right amount of colour was applied. I think today was a perfect time to give it a go. 

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►► There was a choice of a temporary tattoo and while other girls chose butterflies and hearts, she preferred a scorpion. Should the years ahead terrify me? ;)
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►► Nadia was somehow new to the blue tongue situation but handled the experience and excitement pretty well. She expects her drinks to retain this solid hue too which is a challenge I'll try to embrace in a big way.
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►► And some girlie play to finish off the eventful afternoon. We really need it to be spring already for all the catch ups and play dates scheduled and long awaited. Have a great week, friends! 


Monday, February 9

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People wear clothes because it's cold or because they have to which means the same thing around here, thank you very much English climate. Dressing up is a weird business - to truly embrace one's closet there are a lot of factors to consider - personality, current mood, season, current trends (or deliberately not), comfort. I know I feel better when I look my best or simply put nicely together - there is so much potential in me showing up like that but it takes time and commitment searching for style and upgrading unloved garments into lifetime allies. I have limited space for storage purposes, there's this little princess growing her collections alongside mine and to be honest I don't even yearn for more -- more storage, more shelving opportunities when everything is stacked less than neatly and rarely gets its wear. Conscious, focused on quality mindset is what I'm after. It's easy to dress a girl these days, trendy fabrics are accessible, cheap and desirable. What if I want them to last longer, survive endless visits to my tumble drier, grace the skin with natural qualities? Knowing that pulling out a piece from the jaw of my drawer will make me feel gorgeous without really overdoing it, yes this is it. I have a pretty exhaustive list of what those fabrics should do for me, you know a life changing task they're in for: pulling off the sort of look manipulated by the slightly androgenic pieces in classic colours promising comfort even if I don't put too much effort in. Playfully sexy is in the rotation too, I wouldn't want those shirts or distressed jeans get away with simplicity too comfortably. And a personal ingredient to coordinate it all - unusual accessory, unexpected colour or pattern, they often go so unnoticed. Like always, it's a task in progress, the way I feel about things and make them happen. Just more real this time, stay tuned. x 

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Saturday, February 7

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One year older, one year giddier! You wouldn't believe how many birthday parties we attended this and last month. No really, five is a big number when you're eager to experience something extraordinary while witnessing others growing older. It's not a secret that among all the options given to the party goers, there must be pizza on the list. And this was a special one, made by little fingers and eaten to the last bite. By the kids themselves or their parents. This day was busy but oh so exciting, two parties memorized on one day, two wonderful children gifted with well wishes and a Lego box. Knowing that kids of five years and older like bricks and piles of them, that was the icing on the cake. It took a while for Nadia to get comfortable at the party of not many recognizable faces but once she warmed to the chatty girls around her, the rest was perfect in every way it could possibly be - ice cream and pizza included. 
The weather remains unreasonable but it gave Nadia yet another chance to wear her winter clothes soon to be relocated to less accessible space. I found it a little sad most of her long sleeve, reversible pieces didn't get as much wear as we would want to because she is literally living in her school uniform! Last piece of clothing was bought way before the fall arrived and after each party we attend, the urgency for a new skirt or dress is more than visible. There's no party planned until June so we need to stock on florals and pink motifs and have more confidence in where this weather is going. 

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birthday party, birthday cake, kids party, family, todaymyway.com
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►► I love holding my nephews extra tight when the opportunity arises with Logan being my sweet companion in all things playful and imaginative. He likes his auntie making faces and behaving a little silly for the sake of his big belly laughs coming in short sequences. I think we're pals for life. 
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►► And we made it possible and attended the second birthday party called Neon Disco Party. Damian pushed his macho style aside and fell in love with more laid back look. I sure like it on him.
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