Friday, March 27

chain nails, beauty, nail art,, manicure
studs and gems, nails, beauty, chain nails,

When my nails aren't broken, split or ridiculously short I quite like them. So that I even paint them and soak in revitalizing liquid. It's a rarity as I wash hands a lot and use disposable gloves at work so it's not easy to maintain healthy and flawless claws. When it happens I'm pleased with the effect of at least two hour session so thankfully it's only repeated occasionally. With this particular design, mini beads were placed tightly next to each other formatting a chain. I used golden ones on my left hand and played with blue ones on the other. Then I added a round golden stud to imitate a pendant and voila! I'm eager to try it again on different colored background -- black or red maybe? Sounds like a lot of fun out of two hours of my life.

P.S. I don't glue any studs or beads to my nails relying heavily on two to three layers of invisible varnish keeping them in place but I'm happy to hear if you have experience with any kinds of adhesive. Are they healthy, easily removable? Smell favourably? Do share and half of this household will be excited.

Happy weekend, friends! x


Wednesday, March 25

spring, family, gardening, our garden,
planting seeds, family, spring, learning,
►► No baked goods for us anymore, this spatula will never go back to the kitchen. But we're in a right season so any tool will do.

A little under two weeks ago Nadia started each conversation with reporting how a herb she planted in a school plot is doing, every afternoon the progress of its reluctant behavior was discussed over dinner. Then I thought why shouldn't we get our hands dirty and commit to bringing a bunch alive ourselves? Especially that it was also a subject widely searched at school, showing Nadia the process in every stage was just too good not to try it. So we went to buy some seeds, we also had two flowers that needed re-potting and one breezy afternoon our gardening skills showed through frequent shivering spells. It was more about learning what's needed to grow plants and herbs than hoping to be fully reliant on one flowerpot to accommodate all our green needs therefore only a sprinkle of basil and dill was allowed to touch the soil. And was given a chance of providing us a spring of side dishes. Nadia had lots of fun digging and watering, if we only had a bit of a space for every aspect of our green craving, I would be happy enough. To my surprise a windowsill is a pretty place for fresh herbs and in fact a necessity if I want to live happily ever after. So for now it is basil for all my vegan cooking, dill to be sprinkled on young potatoes and anything that works. May the sun help them make way onto our plates soon.

seeds, our herbs, family time, spring,
dill and basil seeds, plants, our garden, family time,
little gardener, our garden, spring,  learning,
family, spring activity, learning, herbs and plants,

planting, garden, family time, our garden,


Monday, March 23

travel, donkey sanctuary, rain is addictive,
girls on adventure, animal world, countryside, donkeys,
rain is addictive, travel, spring, donkey sanctuary,

So this trip was completely random. We pre-arranged our outfits with the accent on protective equipment - wellies for Nadia and a woolen hat for me worn religiously since first day of October until no further notice according to current weather predictions. Two hour drive was crazy but if you're going to meet the most expressive creatures this side of a shore, extreme measures are a must. It wasn't Nadia's first time petting donkeys but asking lots of questions regarding their names and sad faces (I wouldn't be able to come up with such thought myself but yes, they looked slightly unloved). It rained for the good part of our visit but we explored the only way we know how: through finding dry shelters without sacrificing our need to roam and get lost (both actively seeking). It was easy to narrow down her favourite animal - this grey donkey enjoyed a lot of attention and even more head rubs. The aura changed eventually letting some rays peek through very subtly but noticeably.

As I looked around the fluttering fields in awe from the things that came too close to be missed and had her face near enough to witness her experiences firsthand, I knew the views will always fascinate me but the way I see them will change because of her. I love that they are different than mine. I hold dear looking at her gathering thoughts, contemplating objects, being prompted to go further or stop just where she is. Until the very end in the best of spirits and most adaptable footwear.

pink girl, donkeys everywhere, spring, travel,
petting donkeys, countryside, donkey sanctuary,
donkeys everywhere, spring, animal world, traveling,
cute donkey, donkey in the rain, spring, animals,
►► Ha, a reasonable donkey. And a cute one.
donkey bench, rain on the go, animal world, donkey sancturary,
travel, animal world, spring, donkey sanctuary,
donkey world, charity, spring, rain is addictive,
donkey sanctuary, countryside, travel, donkeys,
►► Donkeys everywhere! The Donkey Sanctuary has made a profound difference to the lives of donkeys all over the world and we were happy to contribute in the great work of carers, partners and animal lovers. :)
rain everywhere, donkeys everywhere, rain, countryside, donkey sanctuary,


Friday, March 13

I don't know what it is about but you guys, it's happening. Yawning like a wild lion on a civilized screen with too many eye rubs for one evening it's insane -- I explored nailart as another form of torture instead of tracking goals in my dream (and freshly made bed). It may be a relaxing activity but I haven't figured it out, I was too tired to even attempt to.

Sign me up for springs of planting, re-potting, removing dirt from the carpet. And I still haven't got a watering can. Neither a shovel. Sometimes passions need no tools. 

Speaking of which, out of six plants on my windowsill, four are actually related. I'll do anything to have a garden.

I have a weird sense of health these days. Coughing all week? It'll pass. High temperature each evening since two weekends ago? I can live with that. On the contrary when Damian noticed similar symptoms, doctor saw him before his coffee break (it turned out to be a nasty lung infection he would have learnt about in advance if I decided to be seen first but I live in a strange reality where germs come and go enjoying every moment of their journey). A course of antibiotics was prescribed and a certain shelf restraint put in place because I couldn't resist asking if he fancied sharing it. What a desperate call for help. Of course my request was rejected with passion but we do still laugh at my clever attempts of getting hold of it ('Have you taken your medicine? I don't mind helping out.'). We both were kind of relieved the course was completed.

And I'll be auntie to another boy this summer. It's a pleasure to love one more mischievous wild spirit. Time to start inflating soccer balls.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends! x


Wednesday, March 11

spring project, arts and crafts,

Some people recognize spring straight away, some of us have to make it happen in the quietness of our homes. And if teacher approves, the better. Drawing and colouring is our total favourite, skip the brick building and dolls undressing - we know what's enjoyable around here. Another school project, another portion of fun. Who wouldn't want to help out a child exploding from excitement? I'll just sharpen the pencils.

This project was the answer to all that crispiness in the air that is yet to come but we could imagine it already and create with just a few supplies and a lot of snacking. Before we even pressed print we talked about what we knew about spring, where it can be found and how we can tell it's arrived. I was super proud Nadia knew a lot about plants coming to life under the moody skies, bugs and birds making appearance literally overnight. And then we brought all our knowledge and colouring skills to the table in creation of our own spring garden. If you're eager to find out how to bring the paper creatures alive, look no further, just stock on blank colouring pages of any image the project will benefit from (type a word in Google adding 'colouring pages' at the end to be presented with a combination of millions of options to choose from. Also printing on a fairly thick paper or stiffening it with a stripe cut from cardboard and affixing to the back is a good idea), crayons, paint, any source of colour, scissors and glue. And lots of enthusiasm to finish it before dinner. Once the images are coloured in and cut out (leave a wide strip on the bottom of images that will get attached to the ground), let's see the glue working. There are so many variations to this simple project, you're not required to follow any formula or trend - try a village, big city or a playground. Any idea is manageable. Have fun creating!

printouts, spring, spring project, art project,
spring art project, arts and crafts, spring,
spring colouring, arts and crafts, my baby, spring,

busy colouring, spring, arts and crafts,

ready for art, spring project, spring, crafting,

cutting and colouring, spring, art project,

colouring girl, arts and crafts, poke your nose,

colouring girl, arts and crafts, spring crafts,
spring garden, paper garden, arts and crafts,
spring garden, paper craft, arts and crafts, spring,
apple tree, paper tree, paper garden, spring,
►► Tada! This is how relatively close we are till spring.

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