Monday, May 25
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What I love about this stage in Nadia's life is that we're never short of activities we can do together. I thought those will be gradually wearing off and her independence would call loud and clear from not afar but there are still moments and things company of others is most needed -- to explain something or just cut the stubborn bit of paper because with sprinkles she's perfectly fine on her own. It was a sunny afternoon, we read a bit, ate and rested so finding another thing to do before going to bed was easy - we love princesses as much as we love drawing them. Add some twine, drinking straw and we made ourselves our own hanging decorations. Or puppets if the day is still young enough to put on a show. The whole project is easy like my morning routine - draw or cut out a shape of a doll/hero/even your own photo, cut and glue a piece of straw onto the finished doll, intersperse a piece of twine through it, attach hands and legs and voila! Done and amazed. The final product can be as weird or simple as you wish, I have a vision of creating Halloween decorations with their limbs hanging spookingly and throwing harmless looks in pairs or individually. Imagination is the boss here and we've been blessed with a really efficient one.

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Enjoy the week, friends!


Thursday, May 21

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It is emotionally useful this free time I can load up with both of my hands day in day out is spent on most vivid imagery. On things I wouldn't dream of contemplating. In peaceful or totally opposite surroundings I win the impossible and call my day entirely mine in activities I spend time on, food I sample, books I happen to bring along with me. Total bliss with a company as an option. If you strapped me to an office chair and promised to come back before five in the afternoon, my sanity would never be restored. I would toss and turn, ignore the phone calls and daily duties knowing I could dare doing things no 9 to 5 job will ever offer under any circumstances.

So here I am sitting politely on the leather couch hugged by the clan of cushions behaving like children waiting for the story to begin, lifting my head up towards the rays of sun emerging from short rainpour clouds and drawing unimaginable shapes on the cracks of wooden tables. My favourite part of the day - retreating back to my notes and a glass of water after I've had a delicious burger in a place teeming with noise while being seduced by the sound of a coffee machine working its gears off. People take turns in laughing and clattering dishes, I'm on my fifth page scribbled in barely recognizable handwriting and the life goes on like sweet melting toffee (I'm actually considering ordering a mug of flavoured coffee drink so excuse my food comparisons). It's been a while since I tackled this blogging challenge commenced back in days when time was spent alongside running toddler - to answer 30 questions as reliably and promptly as a blogger can and call it a day. Easy task became a little too difficult to accomplish, some thoughts wouldn't flow so well as my audience would expect so I backed out. This time I'm eager to tell you what I'm looking forward to right now. And I could immediately answer that it would be nice to wake up to a summer sun for a change or a couple of new season's deliveries of clothes and sandals in imitation leather but in fact I'm totally looking forward to this and do hold me accountable: I just want to start. Place my fingers on the wheel of life and let it lead me precisely onwards. And as realistic as it sounds it's completely crazy in every way things naturally happen. People win the lottery and find the love of their lives queuing in a job center so I'm inclined to say - things do happen. I'll tell you, hold me accountable.

P.S. You do know I'm insanely looking forward to summer in Poland in case this post leaves you concerned.

(And I want to decorate my house.)


Tuesday, May 19
I plead guilty for basking in the so-called light of years passing by. I find pleasure in counting candles on the cake, I seek occasions to organize events time that had passed is the main character. Hosting a party is activity I could dedicate my time to, before or after running an errand. I'm a person of detail, there's so much that can be said in fierce colours and shapes, let alone the wishes on a birthday card. I steer away from planning, scheduling, calendars for when to pick up balloons and send the invitations off. In fact the more spontaneous event the sweeter. Damian's big day fell on Friday so my initial reaction to a dreary Thursday was to skip on shopping and between school run and a light housework - I would let the day get wrapped around the festivities within its natural course. The sky cleared up allowing me to splurge on some surprises but Friday was the actual day of making it all come together. I was never that efficient with folding laundry and sweeping the floors as hours before people turning up in anticipation of a good time and even better food. When long term planning is rejected, I still follow self-made rules to come out tired but successful in my attempts. I ordered two helium balloons the day before and Nadia was delighted to be in charge of bringing them home knowing one of them will unarguably enhance her bedroom decor. Last minute grilled chicken baked under artificial light of white and blue found its way into my shopping cart and only serving it was a chore. Then the guests arrived, kids went off to fight with the cushions I tirelessly fluffed up and every minute until unwrapping presents, diving nose deep in the box of delicious chocolate muffins was a gift on its own.

 Nadia got changed out of her clothes three times just like a maid of honor would do to delicately sipping the festive atmosphere. She dictated some of the games they played and opted out of pulling the many strings of party poppers I hesitantly put up for kids to have fun with under our close supervision. It was a great afternoon full of catching up on grown up affairs with not so grown up sense of humour. Together with his twin brother sharing the spotlight and fruit kebabs I believe Damian enjoyed every part of a small intimate celebration. When there was time to blow the candles, no person under seven decided to opt out from helping with the tradition. Soon it became dusk and eyelids ceased to be obedient but whatever happened prior to kids bedtime was highly praised. 'Best party ever' said my older nephew and I believe I beamed like a streetlamp for the next hour.
Happy another year guys! xx


Sunday, May 17

10 degrees is a temperature I don't preferably exist in, 10 degree temperature isn't at all right for my skin neither to say ankles in cropped jeans. Roughly 200 days in a year fall into 10 degree mark around here -- it is wrong for any fabric I'm otherwise comfortable to wear let alone discuss. My hair can stand it but it will not tolerate the breeze, not below the 18 degree mark. I'm not hard to please, you're hard to love seaside weather. In mid-May I was taught to discontinue wearing wool, pom poms and to trust my sweat glands and these seem to be just as surprised as I am. Therefore I can never figure out what one wears underneath one's parka or a raincoat. It may be as little as shirt or as much as the entirety of clean laundry that was handy. But I'm going to start rebellion and go for the lighter options no mater the frostbite degree. Are you guys with me? Unzip the jackets, hide away the earmuffs, just show up in the best of your linen blend. If we make it to the bus dressed like this, there's a great chance of survival. And that's our thing giving us exactly enough room to be adventurous and keep the colds away.
Shirt: Atmosphere, Jeans: River Island, Denim shirt: Esprit, Jacket: Aviatrix Leather, Boots: H&M, Triangle necklace: Primark


Friday, May 15



A plant
When going back in time, I see I was trying to do myself a favour and skipped on anything domestic (I only survived because they provided free meals at work). Plants were the last option to bring home because they required enough care and attention I wasn't prepared to give intentionally. Fast forward in time and maturity my windowsill is inches away from becoming inaccessible for whatever amount of days this view is a candy to my eyes. These plants are doing it on purpose and I'm delighted to watch them thriving, shedding leaves, flirting with the sun.


A mess
I'm not trying to earn sympathy here (although it would definitely help) but the amount of mess we create each day stays on for longer then the day before. Perhaps our eyes got used to to the familiar view therefore it would be a crime to dismiss such important element in our household. Let's talk about it for a minute. It's not the piles and piles of clothes that need folding although we're never too far away from believing somebody will do it for us neither dishes that forgot their usual place other than sink and the outskirts of chopping board. It's the little things mostly - toys lined up on the windowsill in pairs or individually, stack of coloured images covering any surface within reach, books half-read and fully opened where vase of flowers should go according to an interior designer. Mess that feels natural and far from creating an uptight feeling. Purposefully arranged and skillfully overlooked. Yes, the bed is not made on schedule and bills, receipts invite more dust than the skipping of a child but we've learned to be less intimidated by it and spend thoughts and energy elsewhere. Especially that the weather seems to be making up for the days full of its silly decisions. Some days the cleaning bug kicks in and no blanket will be left odd-edged, no pillow unfluffed.


 A hand-me-down
Antique stores attract my eyes on each street corner, they take up my walking space on the sidewalks. It's nearly impossible to run errands without adopting a cabinet or plate in bone china. New is desired, new is browsed through wide web yet only an object with history whispered in cracks and faded print invites all those calm thoughts once my eye lands around it. I utterly regret not inheriting more pre-loved, used and sworn at items (especially those with sharp corners) from my grandmother's house after she passed away after a long illness. Physically impossible to haul half her household essentials across the channel, it all went to places no tracking is possible. If you can fix it, fix it and re-paint to love wholeheartedly once again. If it's beyond repair but still beautiful - there's nothing nice serviette can't cure.


 A hobby
Some mornings I lay buried in pillows and warm sheets as there's no tomorrow or at least work uniform awaiting attention. I'm not a morning person if you excuse. Then on my way to the bathroom I stumble upon things that will make my day either good or great - strumming tunelessly on the guitar, re-potting that rotten stem that refused to settle in this corner of the room, reading first pages of a book I ended up shoving under a stack of magazines (equally overdue on news) in case I was only going to pay attention to it and nothing else. Because I get distracted by moments of pure enjoyment out of what is around. I dedicate mealtimes to soul food whether I'm only good at it or average. My whole existence revolves around having hands full and eyes dazed. And I feel more alive while at it. And sometimes just because of it.

 An almosed-used-up luxury
What's the point of registering to the website when the minute you hit the purchase button you're fully aware this relationship will not be consumed. Or almost-consumed as specified in the sub title. No point whatsoever. Spend on it but only if you're willing to manifest it will be needed daily. Or weekly with holiday breaks. Almost-used-up glorious fragrance, candle with only a day away from getting recycled, sheepskin rug recognizing each footprint of a growing child, boots with soles begging to be looked at by the professional now and not after the summer. I love me some luxury scenarios taking place. You should try it too and not feel guilty about it. They may as well discontinue the product therefore have fun while it lasts. We talk monthly deliveries here! Get used to and celebrate!

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