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Managing Treatment > Working with Your Healthcare Team

Working with Your Healthcare Team

  • Melanoma is usually treated by a team of healthcare professionals called a multidisciplinary team.
  • This team may include a dermatologist, a radiation oncologist, a medical oncologist, and a surgeon.1 
  • All of them work together to provide treatment and care.

Your healthcare team is your best resource throughout your treatment. Talk openly and often with your healthcare team about your doubts, questions, or concerns. That can help you feel more in control and get the information you need to best manage your treatment.2

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your doctor visits.

Before your visit

  • Write down any questions you have. Mark the most important ones. That will remind you to ask the most important questions first and help make sure you get answers.4,5
  • Keep a log of your symptoms and side effects. Bring it with you to your appointment to discuss with your doctor.3

During your visit

  • Tell your doctor at the beginning of the appointment what you would like to talk about2
  • Take notes during the appointment to help you remember important information. Ask a friend, family member, or nurse to help if you need to.2
  • Ask questions and talk openly about: 2
    • Melanoma
    • Your treatment
    • How you’re feeling—both physically and emotionally

After your visit

  • Follow-up on any instructions from your doctor, like making a follow-up appointment or filling a prescription
  • Share your notes and talk about your experiences from the visit with family members or friends who support you


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