by - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Once the wind calms down, clouds shift aside, getting a head-start in occupying the beach rarely happen. There are more crazy people out there who could call the shore their second home and we are not them. We still find ways to spot many incredible beaches though and we do take notes which ones will come to mind when we're done with cold and rain. But soon the surroundings will completely change for this little girl which is quite overwhelming to even think of - there will be forests, countryside roads, fruit gardens, towns full of stone, sandy paths and deep lakes - all to experience fondly within two weeks of summer holidays. I am on the other hand staying put with my little boy showing him bits of the seaside and bits of dry land. Our beloved slice of the world.

Summer holidays are important inspiration for the cold seasons ahead, even more important for Nadia to see her close family during this sweaty time. Every year I go to great lengths ensuring she has more opportunities to eat great food, speak only Polish, be as playful as grandmas will let her. I want the days to be slow and messy, I want to notice more freckles on her nose and no hesitation in running full force towards those who love her dearly. I want to see her watering plants only grandpa knows the names of, picking fresh produce and piling it by handfuls straight into her mouth, unwashed, sweet and delicious. I want her to spend too long smelling the rain and soil, walking distances between familiar places and those who are not, falling asleep so tired it delights. Every summer I want her to count days to boarding a plane, pack her backpack sometimes around May and choose the theme colour of summer dresses way before the websites announce the trends. I want to listen to her telling me what this time will be like even though every summer seems to be different from the last. From the moment she rises till the late hours of each spring - I want her to dream of Poland and carry those dreams with her way beyond the school gate. It's not negotiable, it's not a part of any discussion, the best thing I can possibly do for my children, for us as a family is to ensure that year after year they embrace the moments on a soil I know and cherish beyond comprehension. That they recognize their roots and faces of each and everyone I owe a lot more than just features, habits and fondest memories. And really Polish sun feels so good on our skin, trying to work through the dates and looking for cheap flights is just a formality - every year, after school closes for its annual break in educating. It's all adding up to creating memories and that's why it's so important.

►► A girl in her element, swimwear optional

►► ... I'm on the other hand personifying big sea creatures occupying rocks and quiet nooks of sorts

Have a great day, friends!

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