by - Friday, June 03, 2016

If this was my first pregnancy I'd be going crazy because this time it has definitely been challenging me greater than almost 7 years ago even if I'm skipping summer months. If this was little known experience I'd go insane from happiness but soon try and find ways to survive the good portion of it. If this was my first, it would also be my only.

Having only good experiences with carrying Nadia, I assumed I'm bound to feel fantastic each time I may be a mama. Why would it be otherwise? Not much has changed in my body, just more wrinkles appeared and grey hair arrived, all the good stuff we're lucky to experience by this lifetime. My hips were pretty obvious but still played it cool in classic black and higher heels. I kept being physically active while didn't avoid local cafes and occasional pleasures of junk food. Little did I know it takes a lot more to determine how a pregnancy will go. For this time everything was happening at once - work, school runs, driving lessons, nausea, hormone imbalance, a six year old and her spontaneous challenging extravagance. Harmoniously. The concept was the same, the reality shook it up. 

Nadia came on her due date with book-like symptoms from waters breaking and contractions intensifying regularly. Too easy to have the same mission twice. So being 6 days overdue and less than excited about it I'm occupying my mind with whatever. And there is a lot of it (I only try to avoid looking at the clock, counting hours) - plots and episodes my bookshelves are heavy from, piles of Nadia's new summer clothes needing their tags removed, creases smoothed and maybe being shown around in quick twirls and bounces. Not getting right to it, but there's more - finishing stories scheduled for after tomorrows, rolling up sleeves and getting those windows sparklingly clean, lingering on Instagram for way too long. I could even start taking before and after pics for no obvious reasons but fun. The trick is of course to focus on all the silly stuff, to lose myself in small pieces of a day.

 In between setting myself unconventional projects while waiting I don't avoid fresh air, weekends are therefore the icing on the sugar-loaded cake. Seaside awakening from months of dreariness, local paths, meadows and parks sit on my end-of-week list of places to waddle to. Suit me more than fine as you can witness. I just need more outfit ideas and probably a couple more staples in supporting my growing bump and nearby features affixed to it. It's simply becoming an ongoing leaving-house problem when choosing what to slow pace in. This particular day was exceptionally beautiful in terms of company and weather. Armed with relaxing read, sun block, badminton rackets and lots of hydrating equipment we could stay there for more than several games and do so much cooler things while done with many others. I slept like a baby afterwards though soothing aching calves never stops. But soon it will, I know that. x

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  2. I love your glow and you are so pretty
    Wish you all the best in your pregancy dear