by - Saturday, June 11, 2016

If I was a single man and wanted to plunge into seeing whoever I dared in such a way we imagine folk do, keeping up with my adventures would prove impossible. I know what I'm saying as I behave just so... in befriending a new person. Some friendships are formed naturally and nobody truly remembers who waved first or who was in charge of selecting peak time activity like the best coffee in the most crowded sitting area. As adults we just pick up the first, least embarrassing option to act as boldly and confidently as sweating palms let us and trust that the choice was right. But it's not the choice of local bench or size of latte we should discuss -- how do you know that this typical individual is perfect for a snack out while also your meal will be a surprise? That's why new friendships rarely come about in our 30s. Clueless how to begin a conversation - to joke or throw a heartfelt story one afternoon wouldn't contain its culminating point? This is really a ride for the bravest.

I met this woman while putting entirety of Nadia's pre-loved clothes on sale. She responded to an add in anticipation to release us from years and years of once promising bundle of fabrics for a future baby girl. Shorter than me with dark hair and pleasant appearance stayed a little longer than rummaging through vibrant colours and exchanging money would take. On her way out (still chatting up overly optimistically) I skipped every element of formality and just let this thing come out of my mouth to my slight silent disbelief. I actually asked her if she would want to come over for coffee (or latte or a slice of whatever is nearly going bad in my pantry) after my baby is born. It might be kind of dangerous to let things like that slip out of my mouth so easily but I could let that bother me or outline our first meeting in tiniest details instead (our daughters could play together while we'll catch up on our last fifteen years of life). She was as eager to see me as I thought she would be. We didn't exchange telephone numbers but we know where to find each other. And later that day after asking her if her girls liked what she got them as there's no such thing as having too many girlie stuff -- she offered to come at the end of the week to bring me a basket of fresh, hand-picked strawberries as an act of gratefulness. And believe me, those innocent strawberries once put at the counter level were the sweetest, the most carefully picked and placed for us to devour. They were gone before I could even blink. I am thankful for such small acts of human kindness I could barely have a dry eye. I'm so looking forward to get to know her or just run into her friendly face on the street. Head still spinning ;)

And to end this story as sentimental as I have intended it to be - I'm constantly on a lookout for people to bring as much joy to my life as I could offer to theirs. Simple 'hello' and 'how nice your distressed pair of mommy jeans are' work magic. And with my baby boy soon craving company of his age, I can see so many possibilities in meeting mums and their bunches of joy to our heart's content and expanding snack drawer.

Dress, Long sleeve top: Atmosphere, Bomber jacket: Next, Ballerinas: H&M

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