by - Friday, June 17, 2016

Almost is the key word here. Because it does exist although you could only use three bullet points to describe it - wash, scrub and moisturize. It's not that I don't want to commit to a full ritual of applying each and every lotion, oil and cream to a thirsty skin, I'm just not a beauty routine material exactly following directions. Essentially not now and I do not regret it. Partly, after discovering a family of freckles settling comfortably on the apples of my cheeks and all the way up under eyes, not great news.

I call my routine minimal but regular and they're another key words to note. As long as it's zero time consuming and all my essentials are at reach, I'm in the game. Dim-light friendly products that go out with me, stress with me and eventually ecstatically part with me at the end of the day are just a few and never rapidly changing - light moisturizer, foundation, concealer as a must, dab of brown eyeshadow, mascara and a pink blush. Lipstick may appear if found in the drawer. It all comes off before I go to bed, no compromises on this. Fresh, washed and creamed complexion has no substitute and I'm so glad mine is still a priority although slightly neglected during those high in hormone rushing days of pregnancy, but what's done is done and I surely like me some freckles from time to time. Also - and this is a big game changer for me - I am not a sun lover. Yes, sun does excite me but I try not to tan purposefully so the damage is not yet too great to worry about in advance. Hats on then, girls.

 Nails, those are my major love affair. When fully capable of reaching my own toes I excitedly try new trends and colours, share ideas with my nailart-crazy friend and get on with daily tasks. No special occasion is needed to actively decorate them, good mood and a well brewed coffee are enough to convince me to a pattern I've only just liked on Pinterest.

These days as I am done with my hospital bag, washed baby clothes and took every step imaginable to have everything zipped up and ready I knew there would be tasks patience and my husband's understanding I will call for. You do realize I have zero control over my lower parts therefore I rely entirely on these two beloved people in order to survive. They do a great job as you can see. I'm hoping to expand some of my beauty rituals and have an easy, requiring very little thought regimen soon especially in styling my hair which is a completely embarrassing topic at the mo. It can take a while so I'd love your suggestions. x

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  2. Nails are my love affair also, every week another shade & design. Thanks for posting I love the images and your end result!

    1. Fantastic, this is what I love doing too x

  3. Such a nice post.would like to the same once i am done nursing my girls

  4. Replies
    1. Really loving the colors, too! Great job on the toes.

  5. Looks beautiful, so like this post :)

  6. I try new colours sometimes.

  7. awesome.
    have a great day.