by - Friday, May 27, 2016

There's no better feeling than doing things for the first time. You have to agree and support me here. Nothing like finding every reason in trying something new, exciting and probably expensive to start with but trying nonetheless. There's also the next time. Already prepared for what's to come with never-fading enthusiasm, getting second chance is pure magic.

First times are reserved for the senses, the rationality feeds on repetitions. Becoming mum again pretty much feels like dusting off well known regions that need slight polishing. Excitement prevails, life gets moving, the chance of going through familiar and never forgotten once more beats anything sour I crave right now. Sometimes it allows for things to be reviewed and made better as I know where was the struggle and why. Now I can figure out what I really want to commit to that will provide us a lifetime of happiness. It may be more or simply less, necessities of course and definitely all the amazing things I've been doing with success ;) I have a list of such things almost stashed in my hospital bag - activities we were too tolerant with Nadia (oh, screen time, I want to see less of you) and routines that got skipped almost regularly. Those I'd like to put more effort in. There are also things I will replicate in tiniest detail because we've nailed them and who can say otherwise? Our routine will match our needs, this time with a good dose of thought based on what we've learned through the years of parenting which is a major perk I must add. And also a work in progress as every child is different and each one individually inspiring. Each one brings an abundance of joy and worry, their own energy.

My parenting style (if I could call it so) is mostly laid-back, plentiful in tolerant acceptance, discovering the human in a child to let it shine awesomely through. There's lots of freedom of choice and creative approach, there's fun and bedtime after 9pm. Allowing a child to be a child - with a stained fabric and messy hair, knees covered in bruises and mud. Licking dirty window on a bus stays too. Explaining things as they are, the birds and the bees truly and efficiently banned. Being familiar with own body and its changes, loving it the way it's shaped and known. A really kid-friendly parenting style, low fuss one may add. This time, the sweet second time I get the chance to read more books and decrease screen time, to cook more efficiently from scratch and go out to enjoy more fresh air. To introduce topics way before the teachers suggest them as homework.

And on the contrary to the title, there won't be next time, for us this is it. Boy and a girl, perfect harmony with a touch of the surreal to begin with. Happy day, friends!

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