by - Monday, May 23, 2016

Not long time ago and definitely by accident I've noticed a pattern to some of my photos. Whenever I get the chance to roam further than my doorstep, looking down at my feet seems to have become a habit. There's so much happening down below, it never cease to impress me so pointing my camera that way makes sense. I've gathered here most recent feet images as well as those when socks and warm boots were more than appropriate. And to clarify - it's not about the footwear (mostly used up and worn excitedly for years) but what it stomps on -- beauty of nature and human craftsmanship. I wander a lot so my paths are considered the artwork I take notice of constantly. I may not see you walking past on the street (overwhelmingly deep in thoughts) but I'll definitely notice what you've dropped. So... my feet and a bunch of pretty things that stop me in my daily tracks.

Walking around fallen wisteria petals in Kingston Maurward Gardens

Discovering new friends on daily walks to town

Quietness of space that embodies happiness and peace - on a trip to Poland

Sun, sand and lots of annoying pebbles is among my best experiences
Finding miracles on my routes and leaving them intact
Adding chic and fun to otherwise monochrome background

When the garden tries so hard but it's not its time yet

 And in answering your questions about the baby, the current and most exciting -- I'm keeping myself occupied with household activities (re-planting edibles, maximizing space and catching up on relaxing read), long walks (nowhere too specific) and vivid dreams about my little boy soon pleasantly falling asleep in my arms. I'm due in five days but it's so hard to tell when the actual day arrives and it keeps me slightly anxious. Will it happen on our school run, while I'm driving? On a weekend or late at night? But all I can do is to take it as it comes, have everything ready and... just wait which is what I've been doing lately. Or it feels that way anyway. Happy new week, friends!

P.S. Inspiration for this post came from my dear friend who is just as crazy about taking photos of her feet as sharing them with others. Pretty great activity in my eyes ;)

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