by - Sunday, May 29, 2016

Beach is unarguably the best place to walk for hours on end. It stretches beyond sight and if you're prepared for occasional blister or five, join the hike. I'm into my 40th, final week of pregnancy and although I've kept fairly busy throughout, this is the time I make no mistakes sitting on the couch for long. I may be a little weary today from all the walking but happy for the exciting news spreading out any minute now. I really wouldn't have it any other way - challenging my bump and introducing him to the active style I call my life. It may also encourage my little boy to greet us sooner than later so buzzing with energy that's still left I'm kicking my shoes off and head to the shore. It's been my go-to place whenever I felt I needed to think something over or get my emotions straight, even once I had plenty to do at home, taking a long beach walk made no harm in the long run. It calms me down, it does me good. Exhausts a little but never too much.

 Nadia loved running in front and leading the way, we followed her with attainable speed, sat near and watched her materialize ideas in sand. It was windy and bearably chilly, quite glorious to tell the truth. As I watched my girl being a happy child, so many thoughts rushed through my head - soon there will be a pushchair accompanying our every outing, learning how to avoid daily/town-assigned inconveniences like flights of stairs or high curbs, queues and so forth. Thankfully no bus rides for us anymore! Life with two, fast paced and wonderful. Have a great weekend friends! x

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