by - Saturday, April 09, 2016

►► Chocolate robot didn't last long, wasn't even partially shared. Begged to be devoured.

The colour of her cheeks and the shine in her eyes. The ruffles of a skirt, stripes covering busy legs mixed with even more on top. The shade of the sea and our companion of a clear sky, green bushes seduced by the evening sun. Today it may be the blue and corn yellow, tomorrow other inspiration will take over as we know ourselves well enough not to fight it. Inconsistency in hues is the only priority. So is the change of scenery, mood and means of transport (hello scooter days!), change of circumstances. I love the experiences that come with it all.

We still walk a lot or I should say, I still do and that is my biggest achievement as of late. But as an investment activity, I'll take it and go wherever the streets will take me. This time it was Swanage again, a place where everything has started for us on English soil and because we've known the place like inside and out and a little beyond, we just settled on trying what we know and love - from visiting Chococo, a chocolate factory with cute creations making their way to our mouths way too easily, dining on fish and chips overlooking the sea in its prettiest tint of blue, rummaging through trinkets and inessentials of a Curiosity Store stocking more wonders than a child's toy basket can hold were the most to be happy with. Weather was not to be left go unnoticed too - clear skies and a slight breeze steered us into the shinier side of life.

A busy weekend ahead of us - glamming up our bedroom with some colour. I hope it will prove that with a little creativity (and a lot of swishing of paint brushes) we can turn this space into something worth oohing and aahing at. Photographing too. Happy weekend, friends!

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