by - Thursday, April 07, 2016

Not bundled in layers and not thinking about getting away somewhere hot. It must be spring or my ideas how to dress this beautifully round belly are shrinking dramatically. Either way I'm still covering a little swollen feet and expanding hip area, at least until summer rolls around. Also who said a little black dress is strictly forbidden while expecting? A little longer, with a relaxed fit and in black. It can still work in public.

At 33 weeks life gets pretty tiring no matter how glossy my skin may look here and how soft the under eye area. When you're hoping to steal a nap each time you land on the sofa, it really means you need it. So I shut my eyes innocently for a second and get shaken up by Nadia to hear about another exciting thing of the day because closed eyes mean zero plans and that's just impossible in the world of a six year old. I get it and will try to change.

At 33 weeks simple daily activities are considered achievements. Tasks that qualify to be put on to-do list in anticipation of a total success in crossing them all off as done. Starting with rolling out of bed gracefully... you get the idea.

At 33 weeks there is no greater pleasure than having somebody helping you with those incredibly intolerable tasks a child of two attempts to call easy: taking socks off, reaching the highest shelves just as the lowest ones, getting from lying down to an upright position. I guess I still exist only because of my husband ;)

At 33 weeks I live my life by three main commandments: to look awake, focused and decently dressed. If those three are mastered, everything else has the capacity to be just fine. x

Dress, Flats: Atmosphere, Cardigan: H&M

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