by - Monday, April 11, 2016

Top, Dress: Atmosphere, Leather Jacket: Aviatrix Leather, Wedged Sandals: H&M, Necklace: Etsy find

Give me black everything and you're making all my dreams happen. I hope the abundance of dark colours is not too overwhelming for you guys so accept my apologies and enjoy the canary yellow I'm bringing over today. We found this little daffodil meadow just a quick skip to the left from the main street we travel to school every day, what a miracle of nature met randomly last Saturday. That brings me to the topic of today, as opposite in weather as it could be to the one we were pleased with for a short stroll down the daffodil path.

 I was pregnant during a springtime once before. Did I consider what colour would suit me best back then? I don't think so, I don't think I was ready to handle a lot at that time apart from trying to feel well enough to get out of the house and work steadily till my daughter arrived. Now it seems busier but I manage to squeeze more within those nine months than ever before. Sounds crazy, right? I love how it sounds!

There are no rules and schedules as of now, it's just us not having many plans other than having fun together while preparing for the arrival of our little boy. That's preferred. And recognizing key pieces as I have mentioned in the title. Whether this being an overworn little black dress or the essentials awaiting the baby, kept folded neatly in drawers - those I have no trouble finding time to get lost in. Also coming across the beauty of nature in the form of a yellow meadow - those are my lucky finds I try to highlight daily in my mind. It's all about feelings they bring up. Happy new week, friends. x

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