by - Monday, March 07, 2016

Making: room and creating mess respectively
Cooking: things that taste good and satisfy my cravings otherwise I'm using GPS to navigate my way to the kitchen
Drinking: healthy smoothies and whatever else I'll find when I'm thirsty
Reading: classics and informative collections, my brain will always find comfort in words
Wanting: to be on top of things again or at least go to bed early, wake up refreshed and to an insane amount of energy for the whole day
Looking: hopeless when reaching up or picking things off of the floor
Playing: with imagination and Pinterest accounts in search for ideas and inspiration on decorating a nursery and hoping to not get totally carried away or bankrupt while at it
Wasting: time and energy on things planned and unplanned every single chance we can get
Sewing: the last bits of undone, unloved and untouched before the baby arrives, literally and metaphorically
Wishing: for early spring and easy labour but not necessarily at the same time
Enjoying: long walks in the sunshine always with a little hand in mine
Waiting: for someone that will affect our lives the best possible way
Liking: sitting back and munching simultaneously
Loving: watery kisses alongside loud greetings and small talk reserved for her brother through the walls of my belly
Hoping: to have a proper hair routine back soon that doesn't involve hiding all my hair underneath woolen hats and oversized scarves
Needing: the same amount of coffee, now in smaller cups
Smelling: mindfully and with caution, scent free is my new pregnant attitude these days
Wearing: things that cover me from top to toe and above the ears
Following: racing schoolgirl who thinks my physical appearance is changing but my energy levels stay the same
Noticing: brighter mornings and shorter shadows (some found under my eyes, eek)
Knowing: soon this work madness will give space to time off spent with my family. And weekends! Can you imagine I'll have around a dozen weekends to enjoy? I'm beyond myself!
Thinking: ahead and beyond, sometimes only till the next mealtime or bedtime
Feeling: miraculously connected to my little boy
Bookmarking: animal, geometric and nautical motifs on things
Opening: packages of tiny garments that come to live with us for a while
Feeling: excited for more playtime and crazy time pretty soon
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