by - Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm always trying to figure out which item of the many clothes I have oversplurged on some time ago will come with me to not only enjoy the sunshine but will have the privilege to embrace the curves I can't get enough of. My maternity wear has simply consisted of my usual clothing lurking curiously from the closet, pieces that have been used without necessary alterations but still retained their shape figuring out my size as I grew. I knew I wouldn't want to spend a single penny on something I already own and could make it work in weeks to come. At opening the closet's door each time in the morning I immediately saw what potential it had! It also helps that I haven't changed much, my body still feels like mine -- only slightly bigger so all the slouchy, baggy, almost boyfriend-style garments had their say. As this is the happiest time, I'm a big fan of not only this colour palette (earthy and classic) but also the playfulness it creates with pugnaciously worn hat and a pair of boots that you can hear from yards away. The feminine side is surely seen and cherished. I walk a lot so whatever I wear must be ideal when the adventure begins, can't wait for ditching coats completely relying more on things of lighter texture and less adjustable form. And I can discuss it openly here.

But the Domino part of my maternity ensemble! I've said I have relied on fewer, better things yet even those rotated often became less fun that I imagined. Even though I've found my soulmates in a fabric form, I started monitor it very closely and knew instantly I had to re-consider the idea. Look at things in a totally different way each time. Now I look forward to this task - what suited me the day before and is still wearable today, stays put. Only one item linked to yesterday's adventures and I'm never given the chance to get bored again. And still camera ready eight weeks before bringing little man into this world? What a bonus! x 

Woolen hat: H&M, Cardigan: George, Blouse: Atmosphere, Skirt: M&S, Boots: Next

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