by - Sunday, March 27, 2016

 I came here today to tell you about our natural light situation and how it dictates moods and participates in activities of our choosing. Exactly from end of October till just about now. We are discussing documenting lives without using too many filters and enhancers and those photos are all the proof you need. Natural light works its magic best before we start preparing lunch and have just gotten changed from school uniform into something casually stain-friendly. In no time and with the sun in full swing we made this little Easter tutorial possible using pieces everybody will surely find scattered here and there, googly eyes as a priority. To make a pom pom you don't have to have a master degree in knitting, it's enough if your cutlery situation allows just for the right amount of extravagance. As for the yarn, we'd recommend more fluffier, thicker option for those sheep not to look that alarmingly frightened or as if recovering from a sudden rainpour.

 Here's everything you need to know and more about making these fluffy sheep, surprised monkeys or aliens with blueberry faces, I guess the strangest features the better. Wrap yarn around a fork until it's thick to your desired volume (1) then thread a separate piece of yarn through and tie a couple of knots around the center (2). Now remove the yarn, cut through the loops (3), trim, fluff, roll in hands for better shape. I promise, you'll keep coming back to this tutorial as there are never too many pom poms in one's life. Not in ours definitely. x

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