by - Sunday, March 13, 2016

 Thank you so much mum for after school crafty time! What a fantastic book she sent us from Poland. It's so easy to just press out the colourful pieces, follow the instructions (no glue needed, maybe only a piece of twine) and a lot of fun out of simple 10-page book was guaranteed. I recently found an English version, I guess they are going to pop up in stores around now so go wild for it. There was no age suggestion on the cover but Nadia enjoyed it thoroughly. Sometimes those things can be overcomplicated, expect more from little fingers than it is necessary -- this particular book was rare because of promising something that could be done even without supervision. But I had to get involved (I'm a lost crafty cause or don't love to be neglected, whatever's the reason, just give me a pair of scissors and I'm happy). In our spare time we've also been practicing other Easter themed creations failing miserably at string eggs made with embroidery thread and water balloons. If you know how to make those eggs stay in shape once the balloon has been popped up, well you're my friend for the majority of this year. Honestly, those pink devils pop and the thread shrinks like a prune the next second. What do we do wrong? What skill needs mastering in the art of not useful but beautiful? Is it wrong technique or inadequate tools because the helper is definitely of a master degree! Do advise and we'll apply all suggestions to the best of our ability.

As for now, see how that degree works in reality - all smiles and delightful sequels are her own (no 'smile for the camera' request was issued once and that's my honest opinion on this matter). Enjoy to the full. xx

►► Excitement hard to contain when things turn out right

►► Easter breakfast sorted

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