by - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So embarrassingly often Nadia skips up to me to complain about her toy situation -- just how many combinations hundred Lego bricks can provide? Well girl, in my days ten bricks were enough for an exciting afternoon... Yet it's true, she hasn't been gifted anything other than pens and exercise books for endless hours of drawing, cutting pieces and gluing things together, those are on our all time wish list. But sometimes a lot of good (same) things can be unbearable even for an avid artist. Here came Brio to the rescue. An online shop (with many physical locations across the UK) I had to set alarm to stop browsing and go back to stirring, grating and seasoning because when a company contacts us and offers hours of enjoyment, there's only one answer - we might get used to it ;)

It was important to me that before the initial opening of the box full of toys we were happy with the company's ethics and where those colourful things came from. Learning that Brio uses its wood only from renewable forests was just as reassuring as knowing their plastic parts are also responsibly manufactured and free from 'high concern' substances and chemicals. Little fingers and most importantly delicate baby gums we're about to witness first hand have mama's confident green light. And how lucky they are! Pretty colours, sturdy textures, excellent quality, easy to assemble and dismantle to beat the clock at the end of the day. Expecting a baby brother, Nadia made sure she chose something they could play with together (before she'll really and truly test it beforehand which I'm sure he won't mind). A countryside horse set had to be picked while there is still a space on the floor and baby proofing is just a term we don't recognize. At least until the next springtime. Endless fun, just have enough batteries for the train and you know how serious it can get. Plus a pull along horse for the time when it's the most fun to get around on both feet and chase everybody in sight. Great choice for sure just as this beautiful motion wobbler serving as a paper weight at the moment ;)

 And you may still be looking to help out Easter bunny this coming holiday with little something to go along with all those chocolate eggs. I believe I am qualified enough to say after not having much of life outside this site for a couple of mornings that Brio has it all for citizens of different age groups, newborns happily included (this sweet box of magnetic blocks will definitely not push us out the door but in the latitude of certain rainy days I'm convinced we'll make a lot of magic happen indoors). So the magic kept happening since receiving the bulky box of toys Nadia's in charge of, sweetly committed to look after them in whatever form it will be before her brother arrives (I saw the horse flying high before landing safely on the sofa. Healthy sense of control). 

Thank you so much, Brio for gifting us with your toys, it feels even more special to know the fun soon will be doubled.

►► This post is sponsored by Brio. Thank you so much for the opportunity and to my readers for supporting our sponsors. x

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