by - Friday, March 25, 2016

 I am on a smoothie or a fruit kick right now if you're wondering when have I inherited an orchard. Smoothie is one of the few easy recipes I'm always ready for. The more sour the yummier, as of now. With morning school run and every task taking more time than usual, throwing a handful of frozen pieces into a blender, adding a glass of orange juice and two nicely shaped kiwis to the mix makes me a hero first thing in the morning. With still unbrushed teeth, most probably. So this is it - magic in a glass without really doing much. And with germs attacking us in this transitional period of experiencing spring while still partially bundled up in winter gear, this is a great immunity booster, just as it is a delicious treat. You may want to experiment with different juices - like cranberry for extra tongue tingle and add fresh berries instead, you totally have my blessing. And with summer on our tails, fresh produce might be just the best decision you'll make on an empty stomach. Happy Easter, friends!

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