by - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This time we chose to treat Damian to something unusual. Totally hand made and unique in its own way with a helping hand from this site. It is still too dark to take reasonably good looking photos in our flat especially when we arrive hungry and tired minutes before the sun sets but somehow in time for Valentine's day we teamed up with glue, buttons and sheet of paper to write what we love about this one man in our household. With a bowl of deliciously sweet raspberries and some ideas to the finished card, we managed to wrap the project up in roughly a blink of an eye. Sun was still gazing through the clouds but we couldn't trust it for much longer. We had a book to read and wavy locks to wash so it was rather a race against time. Nadia shone with pride of her creation and couldn't wait to reveal her secret as soon as Damian's key was recognized in the lock that evening but she waited patiently until the big day. He loved it and nothing else mattered. Maybe it was just a box of chocolates we were given in return... to the last caramel one.

And here's a little tutorial with my great assistant if you wish to create similar work of art. It's pretty simple and pretty amazing when finished and lovingly decorated. I'm sure your scissors can't wait. x

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