by - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When clothes and castles are involved, we're entirely in. And although my pregnant belly did not fit in those slim charming frocks, I could still play with the abundance of hats and scarves while waddling about. It was hard to leave the spot once fabrics started flying around but we decided to move on and explore the place and its beautiful grounds you have to come back to see next time. This half term I made a few plans to keep us busy but not overwhelmingly exhausted since my physical abilities are at their greatest only near my own sofa and a bedside table so just the local spots were considered. And as you know there are plenty of them where we live, it wasn't too hard to head that way. This incredible castle, Highcliffe Castle that can be hired as a wedding venue (scroll down to get speechless over the sunny ceremony room with high windows overlooking landscaped garden and my sweet flower as a Registrar) is situated less than half an hour from our house, not too big to explore within desired time and supplying great coffee always helps. There is a short pathway straight towards the sea we had to investigate but were back to the grounds as soon as my hair started drifting in all ridiculous directions thanks to wind of no mercy. Exactly the trip for easily life taking people ;).

►► I loved the interior wholeheartedly and fell instantly in love with the light explosion hitting the room from all angles. Those two turkeys didn't mind appreciating it while resting their legs.

Have a great week, friends!

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