by - Monday, February 08, 2016

Don't I look like a hobbit here? Before my big adventure - shopping in 30mph wind, what a life!

After weeks of rain, now we have wind. But not the kind of breeze to gently pat your fringe while skipping to the sound of chirping birds but a hurricane that braids it, twists it making it impossible to untangle. My hair is a complicated matter to start with anyway, add this insanity of nature and people start to question my morning routine. Does her chop ever see a comb? Has it ever come near? You may joke, but I know what I'm doing. This weather doesn't care for hairstyles, it makes your life miserable and all you find your sanity in is a selection of winter hats. I would recommend putting one on immediately. That's how it should be done. I'll figure out life without one before spring comes, good hair products and all, for now it actually goes really well as it is. Or so my husband says to avoid deeper morning conversations, zombie-like after he's been woken up by me going to the bathroom fifth time that night. We're still on the speaking terms, ya know ;)

There are other things happening as we go by over here - good, bad and mostly swollen up but as long as I have enough sugar supply, the bad and challenging is sweetly ignored. The driving test I failed miserably at is an example, what an irresponsible thing of me to do! Two serious mistakes, one nervously moving bump and a potentially relaxing chewing gum distracting me as hell, not a good combination. But won't you be horrified to learn I have another test booked in weeks to come, weeks of a baby steadily growing inside of me. How crazy is that? But that's how I like to live, for now anyway.

 Fairly frequently instead of reorganizing my nest, I feel the urge to change the whole daily routine. It's a useless craving as it will change anyway, with not much control from my side (can it be the best part?) for the first months of feeds, nappy changes and whispering sweet nothings into dainty ears, yet my whole expanding self sees the opportunity while our family grows larger. Some new sleeping routines have been already encouraged and are going strong (thanks to soft and fluffy IKEA plush toys -- and a star chart too), late lone mama-mornings are spent on Gumtree and its interesting, not always necessary (but oh so game changing) finds and waddling to the kitchen and back in anticipation to finally satisfy my cravings has only just doubled in demands. I can make it work, the last trimester - here we come.

Coat (above): Zara, Jeans: Topshop Maternity, Tunic: River Island, Suede Boots: Next, Necklace: Pilgrim (vintage)

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  1. I really like your style. You make pregnancy look beautiful!

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