by - Friday, January 29, 2016

January here is a super ridiculous month. Yesterday I wore two pairs of socks indoors, today I'm prancing around in the winter garden without a hat and with my belly fully exposed to the last chill. But we're making it through, my little boy kicking his feet like a hooligan introducing me to what it will be like raising a boy. But I don't mind, I get anxious when he's been quiet for a while and can't stop smiling when he's back to what he does best already. Mostly when I'm executing absolutely nothing at all so he can get all mama's attention. In those moments I take Nadia's little hand smeared in rainbow of colours from afternoon date with markers and pens so she can greet her brother. The first time she felt him move she couldn't be more surprised, it was a joy to watch, it is good to just sit still and watch them "play" together. Some of the times he is having it his way tricking whomever there is to await him perform and nothing, not even the crunchiest biscuit I'm devouring will do the job. That's the spongy, downy, sweet portion of life here. As there is this rough path full of hormonal imbalances, emotional shifts I'm not good at steering and the cocktail of thoughts what's awaiting ahead has been served. And drank in little sips for really fancy occasions I try to avoid greatly. But the spring is in the air, I believe and my boy is growing like a champ -- who's even wanna mention some antepartum nonsense? (Aaaand weekend is coming for some as a secret weapon against the bad and the ugly, what's not to like?) x

Coat: Zara, Dress, Suede Boots: H&M, Snood: Primark, Cardigan: George

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  2. Wow..You are preggo? I got two but now am done lol.You looking so sweet and chic.Missed your stylish little princess,sure she's a big girl now.

    1. Yes, nearly there Kim :) Happy to report so far so good xx