by - Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Scarf, Stripy Top: Primark, Top, Cardigan: M&S, Leggins: Next, Suede Boots: H&M

Hi friends, where have we all been all this time since... well, who can remember? Things change on daily basis, we get multiple notifications from the world every time we blink, I just hope the New Year has treated you well so far with just enough amount of steady temperatures to get by. I have a few things to tell you, I bet some are more obvious than others and not many words is needed to explain my absence from the blog. We are expecting a second child this May and every time I repeat this sentence or type it up or simply go through each word separately, I still get the urge to pinch myself. And I get to do it a couple of times every week, believe me. After years of neglecting thoughts of nursing, nappies, sleepless nights and anything in between we're back in the game. And what a game it will be! Full to the brim with any shade of blue one can possibly imagine and have time to search for in newborn departments. But to be honest, I'm not sure how we would survive over here without this colour anyway. Bringing Nadia's blue eyes out has only happened with enormous number of cool hues and shades so we're pretty accustomed to it already. But boy, b o y, a little mischievous creature that is preparing to get to know us and love us just as we've been visualizing his presence in our arms and by our bedside, in our hearts. This is new and exciting, a little frightening and again... exciting! To be mum of a girl has been a wonderful experience I could repeat over and over again, raising a boy - is it going to be different? Yes, for sure but oh give me a boy now and I'll melt with joy right here, right this very moment. I want my days to be consumed by a little person again, a boy, my son, my little A... 

I half-remember days without you in my thoughts already and cannot wait to meet you. x

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