by - Sunday, January 31, 2016

OK here. This is not going to do much with nails, it will be about TV. A little bit of both. Those two are a match made in a sweet heaven of my living room as they merge and overlap each other beautifully. When my feet meet nicely beaten up cushion and everything what's handy while occupying the sofa stretches just as far as one's forearm - bottles of nail varnish and a remote control are the things not to mess around with but appreciate their silent existence for once in a lifetime and expect only the grand results (as if one can with only the basic channels, so over to you Sally Hansen and essie). It all started back in the caroling season when Kevin Alone in New York and The Holiday literally glued me to an old-fahsioned check blanket wrapped around my swelling feet. It was appropriate then but I keep telling myself that with as little creative input as it requires, I'm all for it until the due date. Or suppose I think about it more than anyone really should? ;) No, I really enjoy it too! Series after series chewed down still hot and mesmerizing - And Then There Were None, Dickensian, War and Peace - version of 2016, I can give you my whole sofa schedule right this very minute. Nail patterns included on request. x 

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  1. I love your nail color. So cool and chic. been a while. Miss your blog. Kisses

    1. Hi Kim, so happy for you to be here. All the best with everything xx