by - Monday, January 25, 2016

1. Faux Fur Cushion (or any huggable pillow) - serves as my portable table, a mascot, a footrest, extra shelf and bump nest body pillow. If you're using it for a purpose I have not mentioned here, let me know at your earliest convenience -- my physical capabilities are limited.

2. Lip Gloss - something to sit on my chapped lips and pretend to look glamorous.

3. Bio-Oil - I don't know how I survived without it while not pregnant, while fully capable of reaching every surface on my skin. Keeps the stretch marks at bay just as it keeps my husband slightly confused over THIS amount of greasy I need regularly. But he won't discourage me from that ;) 

4. Body Shop Dead Sea Body Scrub - it's not necessary, gives me extra work with rinsing but when the lid comes off, you'll understand. The scent tells tales of places I will not experience physically in two years straight but at least I have my travel plans trapped in a brown jar sitting under the sink.

5. Warm Socks - unflattering, thick fabrics that work miracles and the only items from my wardrobe that still fit.

6. Organic Camomile Tea - goes hand in hand with a weak coffee. And incidental sugary drink. Don't blame mama, her cravings will define her for another four months.

7. Trusted Beans On Toast - my everyday treat served as the first meal of the day and the fanciest snack of the day. Also sometimes the only healthiest meal that day. Midwife approved.

8. Ammonia Free Hair Colour - essential for mamas in their 30s because our skin may be glowing but our roots are not always at their happiest.

9. Showers to Baths - duh. Don't ever try to lie on your back while pregnant and if you do, make sure there's someone around to pull you up otherwise you'll end up as a human whale escaping the foamy waves in less than respectable manner. 

10. Leggins - as I almost live outdoors these days, I'd better live in something classic, something that feels ready for anything, bus stop benches too.

11. Relaxing Read - takes me from second trimester onwards in a semi-lunatic blissful state.

12. Spontaneous Occasional Buy - no explanation needed, only more opportunities.

13. Maternity Support Belt - my best friend in all physically overwhelming scenarios. I don't know how I did my first pregnancy without it. 

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