by - Friday, November 06, 2015

I know most houses dotted on each side of the road we go to school. We take bus for the long route and walk down the steep hill till we reach heavily signed area of a school yard. The speed down is insane, I'm out of breath keeping up with Nadia scooting away letting me only catch up at crossing the street. But the walk back up is my cherry of the morning. I live for the walks up. With the rising sun embracing my shoulders and wind gently pushing my limbs I let myself get carried away with the blissfulness of a make believe -  selecting the fence I'd happily lean over from now till forever, spying on the best blooms of the season just slightly rearranging them in my head. I think everybody knows me by now, my routine walk and glazes long enough to embarrass anybody.

I may feel sorry for this statement but I do genuinely love when Damian becomes unwell. Not terribly ill or dying in my arms but anything like coming down with a small cold, occasional fever, those sort of things. I find him at his calmest, most relaxed, sexiest even with warm forehead and half-open eyelids. I can sit next to him on the sofa he’s possessed for good it seems and keep things pretty my way in rambling, stroking, making him feel better with my annoying presence.

Nadia is a girlie girl, one that moves delicately. Sometimes I watch her and try to resemble this or other move and can hardly recognize in me. And then comes her heroines - Minnie flipping her enormously long lashes, Rapunzel melting hearts just by looking at you. Some time back I couldn’t figure out some of her facial expressions of scrunching her nose and generally making quite an unhappy face. It was a time when Disney delivered the image of a fearless explorer of pink apartments in much too dreary circumstances and I had that light bulb moment Coraline came down from the screen straight into our flat. 

Happy weekend, you x 

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