by - Saturday, October 03, 2015


For the first time in years no source of information is able to predict the sequence of steps and milestones my child will proceed through. Gone are the days a whole vocabulary contained of 50 most frequent verbs and adjectives, we're in no way in a place that's predictable, measurable, obvious and easily comparable to cases found in respectable parenting books full of terribly useful things. At virtually six years old the approximate figures make no sense, every child is different, no one is like the other. There's also a big gap in knowing for sure and with all my heart what really does she know, what meaning does she assign to things of every day, how many sentences can be created in one afternoon. It's easy to maneuver in the field of ten sounds a baby can make or live life focusing on 20 phrases all the time while chopping finger food. It's almost a fun game of expanding and limiting. Now it's the time of refinement and sharpness when a word can mean as many things as there are colours and most probably just the opposite of what I've been taught to associate it with. Now it's the game of waiting, not knowing what will float out of her mouth, so abstract and interesting. Imagine sitting next to a stranger child in a waiting room, meeting him for the first time -- you'll be in the dark of what to expect just as I am the minute Nadia flutters her thick lashes at the crack of dawn till she says a faint goodnight. This is what I'm talking about, at six no child is a child you can stop in their own reasoning, observation and logic yet encouraging it you're still astonished how quickly it's happened and how far she shifted because of it. You meet a six year old and at giving her a lollipop you expect a dozen of reactions -- sometimes quite predictable and expected, most times mildly striking. Snapshots of this year consist of moments I'm in awe with and slightly less excited but this is how an adult is made - through her own revelations bouncing off of experiences with others. It's when they interact it happens, it's when they play they gain and give further.

This summer Nadia was in charge of the refinement, the unpredictable, the less obvious. I certainly enjoyed every minute of it. Happy birthday, babe! xx

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