by - Monday, October 05, 2015


It's how it always goes. You wake up fresh and prepared for all the sugar awaiting your cravings knowing it's only the small percentage of the good things that are about to happen. You don't even sleep that long otherwise you'll miss it. No chance. As today marked another year that has flown by in our lives with this ball of sunshine, commotion was all that I remember. But let me start from the moment it was only a blur. All of us woke up almost at the same time, her lemon dress ready since a week ago, hanging there as a reminder of a fabulous day. She dressed herself indecisive to the way her hair should go so I offered a hand with some braiding and it was a hit before she changed outfits later on but that's a regular thing around here, birthdays or not. I planned to match the colours she was wearing but decided against it in the last minute. It's a tempting move yet results not always back up the original plan so a few shades of grey were decided upon. We had first guests arriving at 10 am therefore the last minute decorating took us less than expected. Nadia loves her Playstation race games so the Sonic lady - Rouge is what she's been talking about lately - any occasion - her birthday or Christmas, she was convinced they will be merged at some point. Her joy was not hard to witness.

Then we headed to the nearest bowling centre for some fun, food and occasional tears when the score board showed not what was expected. Nadia was having a great time bonding with everybody and just throwing that ball in between, it seemed. It wasn't until the end she started winning and yes, won the overall game to her undeniable surprise. Second game wasn't that exciting so was taken over by the adults while the kids ran around the arcade machines having a go at them with not a coin to spend. It seemed to be fun too.

Five year old Nadia, I will miss you terribly but the sweet new face is here to stay for a while and I'm excited as ever. You are my joy and a kindest spirit, I'm so happy to be your mama. xxx


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