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This is a post of what we do best when we're at our most productive. Or I should have actually started that this is what Nadia does best but I assign some cutting and attaching tasks to myself so yes, we're all in it. School started last week so in slow motion everything falls into place, hair familiarizes itself with abundance of elastics, later then usual nights are far and almost forgotten. Every morning before we see the sunlight the rushing begins -- sleep washed from faces, packing daily essentials, making important hair decisions and checking school uniform for stains and tears. We do watch early kids channel too while influencing some cereal and tea. And off for the bus we go, scooter in hand and a book bag hanging from the stronger shoulder. We like our mornings, predictable and manageable on most days because there's always a room for chaos if you're aware of it or not.

Every time new chapter in our lives begins, excitement merges with aggravation, all parties included. New expressions emerge, words flow rapidly or are purposefully denied. We get it each time it occurs, most times a cuddle and a whisper is all that can help to pause and start inhaling rhythmically. Now and again I point to Damian we get a taste of what it will look like when Nadia's a teenager - against everybody and everything in sight. But we all get stressed at least five times during the course of a day struggling to come out untouched, why being so meticulous to ensure our children are safe from even a dash of cortisol? Handling it right is the answer, installing a way of dealing with meltdowns as a result of regular situations and starting school is one of them. Having to wake up brisk is one of them. Eating within a set period of time is one of them. But I like the way it's going, we're all adjusting trying to make it easy on everybody (for mama skipping eyeliner and a blush most times does the trick).


 Before school invited all sorts of new behaviour we looked through a vast amount of drawings Nadia was involved in this year. Pile of shapes and hand made books awaited their big moment (she's simply obsessed - glue, stapler, sellotape, you name it, she's used it all to create one and only publications). I've been collecting lots of things that belonged to Nadia - her first pair of shoes, favourite cup she no longer uses, first tooth omitted by a Tooth Fairy so it's understandable I'd preserve the art that circulates in abundance around here. We've done it before, this time I introduced a folder full of clear pouches for things of irregular size and shape and of course simple binding a pile of drawings never gets old. One day I want to organize it and lay all her treasures together - for me to look at when she's studying away or traveling or just sitting next door painting nails. All memories locked in a Moroccan straw basket or wooden box upholstered in pink put away on the highest shelf next to hat boxes and Christmas decorations because the most wonderful part of all this is, it's priceless because it's hers. Excitement preserved in the best of ways. My take on a treasure.


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