by - Thursday, September 03, 2015


Is it still summer? I would not know snuggled in thick knit and inspecting my woolly sock situation. I'd rather be sitting on a warm beach suffering invasion of pebbles near my feet and not holding onto warm mug of coffee like a desperado. Glad I have enough photographic evidence this place was once dry and inviting. Here's a little scroll party for you if you need reassurance to function well in days to come or maybe you're just convinced enough the summer never came and I can show you otherwise. Because I totally can.


Lulworth Cove! A place you take everybody you want to astonish to because look at the views, the colour of the water and you'll never want to slow down pressing the shutter button. It's ideal all year round, less neat-hairdo friendly in the autumn when the wind proceeds with less care than any other season but surprisingly for someone seeking visual pleasures - it's still exciting. For such a beautiful place I find it rather quiet and mostly visited by local population. Is it due to being hidden outside the beaten, traffic-ruled routes or promising exhausting experience climbing great number of uneven steps to reach any quiet spot? Yes, probably. Most definitely but it only makes it more pleasant to soak it up knowing only the bravest and fittest can survive here. But no, it's the total opposite - everybody feels at home here, right up the cliffs or low down at sea level. It's just a place everybody seems to enjoy.


 It was a fun day with Damian and Nadia and all the pebbles she could fit in my shoes. There was a swimming session, badminton game and tireless requests of climbing more hills to look down on people in a ridiculous scale so we obliged each time we went yet another mile. This girl is unstoppable thanks to our walking-everywhere-possible routine. I'll be sad to skip some of our routes when I pass my driving test soon but hopefully only on dreariest of days otherwise it's just our water bottle, sturdy shoes (tons of sparkles included) and lots of hiking to do. Just recently the two of us walked an astonishing 3 miles from point A to B and if you consider still quite small feet, that's an achievement. 

And speaking of steering skills, I'm off to injecting my brain with the highway code and hundreds of official questions I will find useful of answering pretty soon. Enjoy today and any day, friends! x


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