by - Saturday, August 29, 2015


Anytime you look out the window you have to decide whether to close it and suffer or leave it open and have wet marks on the wall. Still so humid but no one can take the amount of rain we've had this month rationally.

Days are getting shorter so candles and weekly firework displays over the beach brighten up the scene for us.

Things finally get done after two weeks of trips near and far - laundry folded, plants watered, hair trimmed, jobs delegated to others. There's still a decent percentage of loafing about and admiring the sea in the arms of late summer sun.

Seasonal fruit is expensive and difficult to drop out of mind so we turn to peach, plum and pear until there's no second guessing what exactly tongue is searching for.

There are foreign languages hitting our ears everywhere. I pretend to think they're tourists but the weather forecast is clearly telling me they are exchange students exploring the town. It's not easy to become weather-dependant, not another year, not another summer.

Everything we need is found within a walking distance - the beach, play areas, shopping centres and the coast comes forward when the sky rages like silly startling tourists and their smartphone lenses.

Bournemouth wakes up late especially on weekends. Driving those too suspiciously sleepy roads at dawn leads to the most relaxed experience. And as you know learning to steer is a clear antonym to anything relaxing.

Footwear is a confusing indicator of changing seasons. Never believe in sandals after second week of school and boots before the first appearance of moths. Or turn a blind eye at the festival of shoes leading you nowhere because most probably it's leading you not in the direction the weather steers.

The air understands those with allergies and lets them go out more, individually or in groups.

Finally there are no roadworks on every major road on our paths which is a big deal when time consuming commuting becomes even bigger shock to the system. And speaking of the streets, I can still see some of the beautiful hydrangea in full bloom, dipped in rain and cocoon of spiderwebs. Having a year-round permission to admire the views that change and those that remain still is a gift. Whatever the rain.



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  1. Anytime I look out the window I wish I saw more delightful outcomes of the day. Yet, every day is out there to make the most of it so, never mind, rain or not, let's make it count.