by - Sunday, August 09, 2015
This is definitely a happy face!
For many of us, the words 'fun' and 'theme parks' always go hand in hand - no matter if you're four feet tall or not at all but you can still reach the highest shelf in any bathroom. I think they are fun - acres featuring objects tailored to satisfy everybody with a valid entry ticket and good grip shoes. Partly it's the child accommodated in all of us waiting to decrease the balance between well dressed & respectable and untamed and ready to shake the neighbourhood. Can be achieved any kind of way but never so appreciated if holding a little hand - for courage or pleasure. Sometimes both.

The Crocodile Creek was a hit we had a go at twice. Nothing like a good splash out. What interesting here is -- in the process of going down the water slide everybody knows exactly what they are going to be a centre of (ton of water splashed without notice) yet they come out surprised and a little disappointed? The faces I witnessed after getting wet were an explosion of mixed feelings. But yes, the excited and fully satisfied exceeded. You could also get a printed photo of such explosion painted on your face as there is a hidden camera in a relevant spot to keep you haunted at night but I made sure I took enough photos of everybody I recognized, there was no need of paying for something an adult would never allow to go public.
Calling penguins by their names, it's how easy she makes friends these days.

Theme parks are scattered around in our area like supermarkets and off licence shops. For any kind of experience and age group however everybody will find a thing or five to get transformed from humble straight-walking citizen into a screaming pair of shorts while holding a candy floss for a full experience. This particular place I believe will become our long time favourite - accommodating a great portion of sea creatures (penguins, otters, silly behaving seals, sharks and selection of tropical fish) breaks the experience into educational and wild, breathtaking (seaworms that actually respond to hand motions from behind the glass tank) and heart-stopping (any kind of carrousel or drop tower moment delivered in a sequence of emotional breakdown). Anything else is fun too. Eating in the open in the full view of a few local seagulls trying to intimidate us to give up or share the meal when neither option works well if both parties are hungry and have to pay attention. Or shopping in the gift shop but in the midst of plush, plastic and too much sugar it is the last place a parent wants to visit voluntarily.]
They figured out what makes them happy a long time ago
Let's do more adult things, shall we? ;)
Some of us are braver than others
But just as much as we like to explore each and every noisy attraction within the park, there's no stopping us from chilling out on the outskirts of any place for well needed, totally relaxed time with no one waiting for us to order, move or calm down. Sometimes I feel this is the best time of any visit. But it only works like that after we've come out exhausted, sweaty and barely moving our legs forward. Or wanting to be picked up every five steps if we're talking our offspring. It's the time to catch up on what we missed while having fun, tell a few jokes, talk over weird wardrobe choices of people queuing behind. Eating leftover sandwiches or giving them to the seagulls. You've got to allow for a bit of a quiet sphere after a mad experience, a stepping back to enjoy the day. And teaching important lessons is essential too - why only a handful of tries could be the winning ones and that lucky not always means the outcome but the attitude. We'll get those minions next time! x


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  1. Incredible adventure, fantastic company and a great weather. I'm for more!

    1. Some places are spectacular on their own, this was definitely one for shared experience. Yes, let's do more of it!