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Her hair would always give me emotions. Naturally curly and luminous had tendency to fizz and stick out, break on ends while still being soft and thick. As I didn't have experience with hair other than mine and the perfection is still yet to achieve, this journey has been nothing short of fascinating. Given her scalp to kiss, bury my face in, I was handed full responsibility over its each follicle. Between washes and occasional conditioning sessions it needed all the affection I was there to give. And trimming. Started early on and continued until Rapunzel came along followed by Elsa in natural shade of nylon. Scissors were banned, hair elastics had hard time sticking around. But as we know some things are unavoidable and only right attitude can save us from occasional meltdowns so one afternoon we sat down and discussed the options. Nothing too drastic and unfamiliar, nothing overly routine-changing for most days. Nadia was kind enough to spare a minute and sit through the photos taken to document the process of trimming her locks which turned out better than we anticipated (the trimming not the sitting). Since a tiny pea that she was, her hair had tendency to grow in layers and I wanted to keep it that way or as more like it as doable.


Soooo in four easy steps... after washing (1) and combing (2) wet hair, tie it reasonably tight in a ponytail so that it hangs to the front (3). Gently loosen it by pulling the elastic down and choose the length that you want to achieve (4). Using sharp scissors (very important as you don't want to mess the cut by trimming extra inches here and there and then some more) make one, confident cut. Steady hand and good posture is essential. And it's done and voila and you've just created volume by simply doing nothing extraordinary. It felt great! Accomplishing this special assignment gave me thrills and looking back on it I'm glad that we did.

And here are some behind the scene photos for your viewing pleasure. As a disclaimer nobody got hurt playing with the scissors used in photos below. Completely safe and harmless no matter how ridiculously big and striking they may look. Made of pure cardboard paper and coloured lovingly with non-toxic crayons. Used with care. Happy end of summer, friends!



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  1. It was fun, wasn't it? And it's great minimalist's way of keeping hair in a good shape.

    1. I don't even know where to start! What a challenge and fun all at the same time. Cute photos too xx

  2. looks easy enough.. great job. she's got beautiful hair