by - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Top: unspecified Polish designer, Pencil skirt: Asos, Cardigan: George

Not all summers are made equal. Everybody's got their favourites they look forward to on each tea break in canteen and it does help if the weather cooperates but occasionally no plans means just as much as over scheduled and pre-booked two seasons ago. Exciting, a little lazy on some mornings, intent on finding interesting spots to look about, purposefully or otherwise. Before I came to this conclusion I quite forgot not everything has to turn into an event. I'm happy if it does, fireworks and stuff but staycation has its definite charms among occasionally feeling out of place in my own town.

The plans were big, so was the size of our luggage but a week before the departure date the car decided to play up. Brash beast to put it lightly. Stubbornly I refused to unpack. Days subtracted one by one in which our holiday shrank almost like a dry leaf I still hoped to stride utterly ahead - in altered transport, with less baggage or none at all but ending this unrest we lived in awaiting not really knowing what. The car eventually got exchanged for a new set of wheels while some tribulations between French illegal immigrants and UK's government prevented us from believing in taking off in no time. To admit defeat in the middle of a pear and plum season with the heat absentmindedly reaching record breaking temperatures (all of it admittedly happening in Poland) is like settling on something less likely to become a great summer. But the more you get to know yourself and the place you live in, the more options come to shake your opinion on having a good time. Becoming a tourist in my own town sounds blatant but it's got its advantages -- I exactly know where to put my foot and what high-peak attractions to avoid. I'm the tourist that retires one day on an island of her choice as she already knows her tracts and the vibe of the place.

I guess I'm not the person that is making the most of what she's got, that's why the universe is always on its feet to teach me a lesson. To be grateful even for the silly behaving English summer not to mention family grocery shopping and lots of exploring around the area before autumn hits us again. And we have a seaside under our nose, any kind of beach you strove to visit, here it sits wide, windy and inviting.

In the meantime I'll occasionally dream of a ridiculous weather far on the continent and thank for the sky I've been given to appreciate taking advantage of each intriguing shade of steel blue at a time. If you ask me, everyday is a good day to enjoy myself, home or away. Have a great summer, friends!

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