We had some seriously dangerous amounts of rain that day dedicated to accompany us everywhere it could possibly enter. Geared with umbrellas and raincoats my feet craved something more summer-y so silly and irresponsibly of me my beloved ballerinas came along. I'm not afraid to be the only odd one for most occasions. This post should really have started as Once upon a half term... because the memory of that time is beginning to shift away by days but this bunch of photos is totally worth talking through. So please do hold the umbrella upright as there are masses of water dribbling from all around because yes, it rained. As it was for most of the spring over here. I still haven't overcome that fact. Or the ballerinas' stench ;).


 Kingston Maurward Gardens is a place to do the many things one likes - wander for hours in any weather, spot the colours outgrowing the stone, play hide-and-seek and Come back, I can't see you, Nadia all way back to the neatly cut bushes and benches under wisteria trees. There are animals too, lazily chewing the grass and making good impressions on photographs, but wisteria... it's following my tracks like a beloved puppy and looks exactly the same with any kind of background. A whole June my eyes refused to blink at passing the bunch while making mental notes of its meandering arrangement. There's this house on our way to school I've been meaning to possess internally - the way wisteria branches entwine red bricks and the arch of the front door gives me shivers. Or maybe it's just the chill in the air, I'm not tempted to find out. So having it staring straight in my face the entire visit was like a dream so enjoy it with me like the best image with a likes-boosting filter.

►► New fascinations start early - girls and their apps

As you walk further into the unknown and probably had a light snack already, the sky is cut out into a dated house with a fish pond decorated with water lilies and reflection of sun in the green hand-finished pool. Rain stopped and took far off for the afternoon so we simply lingered around smelling flowers, crumbling crackers and counting fish untroubled for their lifetime. There was a lake at the bottom of the hill with a swan occupying its silent surface half out of sight behind the tall grass. Back to the pond we made time for the necessary - taking it all in by handfuls, staring dreamily in the luminous clouds and Nadia's deep red jacket playing around with joy. Outside world didn't exist, not a single object drew us away from the privacy of secluded garden and its cold stone. Not a soul was around due to the unpredictability of weather, later there was a family following our footsteps but for the most part it was all ours. To breathe in, to memorize, to daydream.


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  1. Lovely post and pretty pictures!! <3

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  2. Unforgettable adventure despite the free shower! There are still many, many places to visitx


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