by - Saturday, July 11, 2015

Looking through these pages, you'd definitely think we do nothing else than party and cure our suffering hangovers. Yes, we do spend a nice portion of the year on recognizing the maturity but because we love hanging around with people we love and care about, we go for it with open hearts and wrapped surprises. With three kids in tow birthday parties are constant topic around here and nobody really feels bad about it. In fact it is a great opportunity to rethink the idea of perfect gathering to be remembered until next year. I love giving presents, I'm far from being minimalist in this matter but what really counts in my book is the detail, going extra mile and sometimes courage helps too because choosing something a toddler hasn't got idea it existed can definitely be fun. Occasionally. As long as it has four wheels or headache inducing hues - I cast a vote for this item above all else.

Logan, the youngest member of our family turned four as his commitment to grow big and strong is unstoppable. I live for the laugh he gives when he's happy and playful and calls me his mama jokingly so that I have to make this funny face to correct him. Or when I pretend not hear what he said so that he needs to shout it out loud in my ear. Moments I call a dream and store deep in my heart for the right occasions. There were nice cards and small gifts exchanged, celebratory cake devoured and chocolate stained shirts noticed. There was fun.

As always when birthdays approach you look for ways to give intentionally and with a great dose of surprise, preferences and originality in mind. More than often the opportunity from companies dedicated to entertain toddlers and pre-school children approach at the right moment and all I'm left to do is just finding the right wrapping paper. As was this time with a Swedish company Heroes of the City aimed at curious bunch looking for ways to stay occupied while learning at the same time but most importantly and unarguably wonderful in every way - we were directed to a YouTube channel about rescue vehicles in a small town where everybody gets to be a hero! And that's essentially what Heroes of the City is about - providing hours of fun while focusing on helping each other through animated series. There are many great channels for kids out there and I'm sure we're still unaware of most of the fun they provide however a couple of episodes later I was happy noticing the kids enjoying watching it and pointing at characters they liked. Available on any device makes it convenient too. And this is the magic word when it comes to this bunch.
In collaboration with Heroes of the City

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  1. Very cute post, hope you had a great day! <3

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  2. Amazing family photos, so sweet!!
    Un abbraccio
    Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC

  3. Fantastic day with fantastic people!!