by - Monday, July 13, 2015

Before I met my friend I didn't know my nails existed. They were useful for opening plastic carrier bags or for tasks not appropriate to be discussed here openly, yet it didn't occur to me to be kinder to them and paint something else than overrated red or overused beige. To add some spark and call it a day, use the tools I once overlooked, bring fun to my cuticles. Duh. It's a personal preference to stay in a majority. My friend was wild with her designs promoting craziest colours and styles imaginable taking me through the process of each pattern and shape with patience and a medium sized dotting tool (similar to the one shown below). So my collection of nail varnish grew and my brain cells realized their mistake. Since then my nails are kind of a mood-booster -- painted, dotted and loved. With the nail decorations being so cheap these days there is simply no excuse to be a one-tone girl anymore. Explore, learn, be curious and only invest in strengthening polish removers. Partially inspired by everything around I'm on a mission to healthy happy nails. Just don't tell my husband how long it takes to finish one hand.

For this particular design - paint your nails neutral colour leaving an odd one gold for the studs attached being more in sync. Using a dotting tool create little daisies with a golden stud affixed in the middle. Apply clear varnish (and lots of it especially where the studs are to glue them in). Look forward to doing it even more. x

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