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It's been an intense year for us around here -- in terms of mind workouts and commuting we haven't been short of a challenge to say the least. But since the school is over and long mornings are back (just for a short while but oh so needed) we can't complain as the struggle with getting to school and back is well and truly forgotten. We'll only get up before nine if we absolutely must. If the sky is more than inviting (hair washed or not), you'd look for hours to find us indoors. 

The day the school closed its gates was like a festival of emotions - there were tears of leaving the overstuffed with posters of carefully practiced words classroom and the teacher behind, informal goodbyes and promises of many playdates, excitement at knowing we were soon off on a long road trip to Poland. And before we knew it, a pampering session was not only truly enjoyable but so child-friendly both of us thought we could only dream of. So into it we were I may include it into our monthly routine. You know, I'm joking, right? I wanted to start a tradition of doing something unusual on the last day of school, chocolate ice cream included or not, something just for us girls that will be long remembered. Nails are pretty important in our household and since Nadia was a barely walking tot, she took on the biting habit. It worried me but we never made a big deal out of it neither tried to make it a quick fix. I believe it has had an emotional foundation so it took her nearly five years to start growing her nails and enjoying having them decorated. It was a hit. She sat through it like a big girl only slightly overwhelmed by the abundance of colourful bottles full of glitter and nail varnish, middle aged women smiling at her and asking if she's taking part in a beauty pageant. She is a girly girl (maybe in slight need of a favourite colour shift, no one can handle this amount of bubblegum pink), likes her lipstick and wears her hair loose but she can also be as not into it as you can imagine. Just give her a scooter or skipping rope and nothing else matters much.

 How has this year flown by, I am first to make a saucer eyes at! How she warmed up to each day commenced with a short bus ride and long day alone with letters, numbers and her peers continuously on her side. With all sorts of weather and different load in her backpack. Home learning ideas in combinations of useful and impractical, sudden realizations at how things should work without my help and finding answers quick enough to have time for using more paper than an average five year old. Almost six, mentioning her birthday party needs on ongoing basis. This school year was frantic as one would (wouldn't) expect it to be, with some chaos in between as we adjusted to life on the run. And in a short while Year One will be all that is to talk about or the birthday party or both. Way too many choices about how to turn the day around. Nothing short of exciting. Just a readiness to learn and play.


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  1. She's adorable! And the nails are super cute :-) I remember the first time my daughter got her nails done at a salon. It was for her 7th birthday. I think it's a neat to come up with a last day of school tradition. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Camille. We always look for ways of making memories, there's still so many chances to do so. xx

  2. It looks like you had so much fun, girls. Great tradition and something to look forward to at the end of any given term.

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