by - Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Hi, hello, how are you? Have you noticed I was busy? Nothing out of ordinary, nothing drastically life changing - just house hunting, job altering, planning more and not settling with anything just yet. Occasionally we feel at peace but we won't go crazy with it being so ready for things to get shaken and make impact. Just over a month ago it was all about life lived the way we're used to, today it's not new to me to wake up and think of five different things to transition our lives into before breakfast. Sometimes I feel it's the impact of literature I immerse myself in or deep conversations with troubled friends that steer me excitedly into things most people don't even tend to overhear. Yes, I've been absent from this space and missed it greatly before I realized leaving it altogether is not a thing I'd be happy with. I like it here just as much as I like it elsewhere and as a loyal pet I'll come back hurriedly after a day in the wild. Because it has been wild indeed, with trips and days indoors, mind stretched out to its borders. But I'll take it, this life full of unpredictable and inconvenient just as I soak up the delightful.



 These past few weeks the weather was trying hard and today finally I am wearing a skirt and a short sleeve top. No cardigan present, no thick fabric in sight. Just the hope it continues that way so I can get a chance to carry the shopping bag instead of anything more with me. We ventured the coast which is neither nicer in the summer as it is any other time (maybe just on days full of sunshine). Its mysterious beauty excites alike, maybe a little more now as there's less breeze and on recognizing what's behind the horizon one really enjoys the view. School finishes at 3.15 pm and instead of heading home we tend to linger on the beach. I'm guilty of replacing phonics and syllable spotting with sand castles and dirty toes. I'm well aware of following the wrong suit with such ease no teacher should know about yet the sun is not here to stay, unpredictable are the ways of its behaviour so let us settle a camp near the water just for another month. I promise to reach for the first book in our sight the minute open toes are meaningfully covered.

We take my friend Aga along with us on most days, she's just as crazy over being in the open as we are and want more of. Like minded people are the main ingredient in my daily dish, add the flavoured coffee and it's not only necessary to keep in touch, it's simply delicious too.


 I'm full of hope this first therefore most important tooth will fall out sooner than later. Nadia has been witnessing the drama and excitement over her friends' experiences with newly emptied gums wishing for it to happen to her. Not for a long time did she reach the stage but once the day arrived, it was more than festive, that's for sure. I think that's the only time in human history one is awaiting losing their teeth, it will not be that fun in years to come. Anyway, all the kids knew about it, probably had a go at checking its wobbliness but because of not much progress in this matter, the moods have been far from pleasing. It sits there on the bottom of the jaw without a care in the arrangements made with the Tooth Fairy and no intention to part, sad and partly involved in the chewing. And for me this is another reason to believe time speeds along while we're not watching, stops for a second to remind of itself and is never seen again in beloved form. Because milk teeth, they have just showed up, no?

Proud mama moment - Nadia's school report says 'her drawings are excellent and she has a talent for this' - well, she lives and breathes holding a crayon. She also said 'I think that I am good at writing because I can write my name!' Definitely, that's where it starts! Isn't being almost six a great age? Being up to so many things in a day alone is crazy -- memorizing songs, mastering the grip of a pencil, being great at dribbling football and understanding more each day. We do not socialize massively which I regret at times but I want to do it more. For us, for Nadia to have the opportunity to learn how adults interact with each other while having fun. And eating lots of empty calories.

Making attempts to trim this hair with the help of You, uncle Tube. When your favourite hairdresser is in the process of messing his life up, you hold on to the last split end like a desperate. But we're easily adaptable to new lengths and styles a parent would not necessarily splurge on even with a blow dry.



 When it comes to things I admire Damian being great at, there are only few I love more than him showing me how to achieve them. Because his patience levels are low and eye rolling allowance insane so when I asked him to become my driving instructor the hell gates literally opened and I got myself into a big, marriage shaking trouble. Yes, he's great, the best driver I had a chance to speed through narrow roads and fast motorways but is this a healthy arrangement? Is embracing the occasional grumble a way to master the skills? Sometimes a short drive to work is just about I could handle in one day so let's just leave it at this. I've pulled those hell's door open voluntarily after all ;)

 I was reading too. Because there is a great battle in me over reading and writing and when this or that title shows up, I am lost for days. Between Jane Bowles and Orwell's invigorating realms I'm still grateful for subscribing to Blogger's feed for checking my favourite blogs. You see, if one works with words, one ought to inject them accordingly from all sources available. I turn to classic and recent publications. I certainly wouldn't be able to eat and sleep only.

And an act of recognition at work with an exceptional motivational speaker in the presence of Danny Crates, Paralympic Champion whose life is more inspirational than half of the books I read at lunch time.



Another season and I dreamily think of the chocolate tan I would love to sport without the pain of going through the pink phrase but instinctively know there is this rebel in me showing two thumbs up while I pass the sun lotions aisle at a great speed. Because it's still too early to slap it on and I'm generally covering my skin well, right? The sun will always take the lead and some seriously hot afternoons later sun spots, tan lines and general discoloration will emerge sooner or later. Nailart appears too, studied all winter, happy to be shown off and chipped regularly.

And... one afternoon after school I took Nadia to a supermarket as we were needing nothing really. Just something for an early dinner that ingredient list was of a slight concern but still edible the next day. As we walked past the lottery counter and never being overly lucky in this department I sort of really tried hard not to expect too much letting Nadia choose the numbers. She obliged with ease and proceeded with opening the juice pouch. Low-key fortune seekers we are. Believe me or not but here I am, a week later without an idea if we have won or the universe just teasing us with all the accidental clues and meanings. But before I check it, I'll make sure we have loads to be grateful for. Or am I taking these things too seriously? Have a great day peeps, there's nothing like summer when it's due. xx

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