by - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No, don't be alarmed we're suffering the worst summer to date, those pictures reflect the springtime which judging by hair being blown in all directions and warm clothes hindering our movements -- these are not recent. As mentioned previously in post about Kingston Maurward Gardens, here is the last batch of activities we immersed ourselves in while accompanied by a sudden rainpour. Yes, the sun eventually emerged and wedged us out of layers we were loyal to for the trip. Rain aside, muddy ground too, we had a brilliant time. Animals had brilliant time and everyone who happened to visit Kingston Maurward that day was pleased to have the place mostly to themselves while all the rest of the district curled up on the sofa whilst feeling sorry for those scrapping mud off their boots. Or ballerinas if you happen to be me. For us it meant extra coffee squeezed in in anticipation for a clearer sky but I guess, you just have to roll with it if you're going to have any fun. Not easy but manageable. 

We had a lot to get through - animal pens and back of the gardens while snacking along the way, embracing each lick and sniff with grace and handfuls of food designed to keep the glances friendly. Simply enjoying it without overdoing it. I particularly loved watching Nadia interacting with the animal world that is not vitally our every-day view. You see an unbelievable number of cats and dogs on the streets at any given weather but a goat, llama, pig that is not necessarily pink - that is something extraordinary for a five year old town-raised child. She was curious but cautious, found simple things about the lot quite hilarious at times and was partly involved in feeding. There was a nice learn/play balance throughout this trip so big thanks to all furry creatures for only slightly limiting to how close they'd actually let us get.

 Then the evening rolled around so we closed the adventure with a stroll down the back of the garden to discover more breathtaking views I didn't hesitate to capture. I'll sound like a broken record but those places, these colours fill my heart like nothing else giving me enough energy for the weeks ahead. I'm a countryside girl after all.

Have a great day, friends! x

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