by - Thursday, July 23, 2015


Sounds weird but I let my daughter sing on the street. Loud. Or should I say she lets me be the first one to enjoy quickly made up lyrics sung at a high note and top voice. She can go on for the whole march up the hill giving away clues how happy she is no matter how uneasy I may look at that time. The words proceed to form a meaning and occasionally totally make no sense but her English is spot on. She sings louder modulating her voice and soon I cease to care who'd listen and who'd stroll without single look. I stopped rebuking her a long time ago, around the last diaper or so and never regretted the decision. If it's harmless to the body and not overwhelmingly annoying - she can go on for miles - singing, skipping, pavement climbing, window licking, random dog stroking. I despise saying 'no' as a lack of solutions or my poor concentration. Or because of my personal fears. I used to climbed too, big hazelnut trees with uneven surface underneath, empty beehives and dumped litter hills. It's barely comparable to what her durable rubber soles step on these days in attempt to show off or play up, it's hardly dangerous with all surfaces cushioned and watched attentively by precisely chosen number of adults per number of children present. Every no, you can't, you shouldn't or you mustn't paints a canvas for young brains the world out there is way out of reach. Of course making them aware of the danger by using different phrases is slightly more acceptable around here but I despise the unmanageable frequency.

Once on holiday I had an opportunity to count the times my mum showed concern over our safety principles on a short stroll down the busy street. I've made it to five and stopped before letting blood and other fluids in my body boil. If a stretch of one street holds three unmistakable dangers and two hidden hazards, one ought not to leave one's doorstep! I don't mind dirt round the hem of a pretty skirt, scrapped elbow as a result of fantastic adventure, dog's hair all over the cheek, there's no way of of it, I may as well take part in it. Get the kids outside world orientated, major hazards minded but ready to face things out of curiosity and plain excitement, accompanied by encouragement and trust. Sometimes the world is not just as we make it. Let's our kids decide what to make out of it, let them find their own solutions to obstacles even if they're mostly the fun kind. It's fantastic to realize children remember us in a way we make them feel - great about themselves, important, valued and fearless.

I'm almost ready to pick her up from school, combed my hair and checked for keys. Looking forward to today's song half of the street doesn't know it'll be the audience of. And I'll go on like that from year to year without a word of complain. On the contrary. I'll be excited for more.

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