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flowers-in-hair, girl-on-the-beach,, at-the-seaside
flowers-in-her-hair,, spring, beach-fun

Hours before the annual Wheels Festival the whole seafront undergone a major transformation in preparation for crowds literally adjusting their watches for the first monster truck stunts and ice cream tasting sessions. We were there too. Not to particularly witness the beach transform into a fun park for all ages and sizes but we craved some sand between our toes. It was May after all and none of us should be left without the opportunity to enjoy the beach when living by the sea. As usual the sky greeted us with the glowing presence but we only realized it's been joined by the strongest wind ever after we walked out the door wearing nothing to be proud of in this unfriendly nature arrangement. Funny to add, Nadia wore her swimming suit underneath layers of clothing as for her the word beach is undoubtedly associated with such verbs like sunbathing, splashing and so on. Instead she was faced with the water of a degree nobody would dip a toe in voluntarily unless there is a serious need for an adventure. But I guess the thought of having her beach wear on was enough for a girl to feel delighted sieving sand and digging holes round my feet.

This weather has stayed persistent with being quite predictable - once you remember to bring an overcoat with you, you'll be fine no matter the outcome of the day. There were open toe situations, even bare heels happening but not for long, not for the lighthearted and definitely not recently. So the festival arrived and was a huge success and we're happily back to the school gates after a half term spent on easy schedule of local explorations and flicking the remote control for anything that was good enough for us to focus on.
I hope you didn't mind my short break in posting, life is just as much fun as documenting it therefore you're for a treat in the upcoming days. If I was you I'd take some time off work as the blog will overflow with what you're used to seeing and a lot of what I'm new to talk about. Happy days, friends!

girl-at-the-beach,, windy-beach, at-the-seaside
monster-truck, wheels-festival-bournemouth,, spring

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