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The amount of free leaflets to be taken and studied as one pleases around here is unbearable for a local, let alone a sun-burnt tourist. You find them everywhere - at favourite lounge, library shelf, souvenir shop, haven't checked my local greengrocer's yet but I'm nearly there so watch for updates. One is obliged to pick up a few and make an effort to commit on visiting. Every now and again and most reasonably on Nadia's days off school, the shuffling of leaflets begins. Decision is mostly made on our preferences, the weather promises and generally this formula has never failed us. The trick is to go for the factors appealing to the three of us (me, my friend and Nadia) - a space to roam free and unsupervised as a 5 year old would advise, a seated area providing light snacks and reasonably brewed drink and an indoor dated space breathing history and indicating 'do not touch' or 'ask for assistance'. Anything else is a bonus or a great obstacle we don't mind winning over.

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 So towards the end of half term my motorized friend and us girls decided to visit Blue Pool, place of a great wild beauty situated only an hour away from the civilization. A great space for all sorts of explorations and girlie talks. We chose to follow the red, less rugged path with no chance to skip on activities such as looking for squirrels and woodpeckers cleverly hidden in branches for kids to find and exchange for certificate. The lake was the prettiest thing we saw, changing colour according to the light preference making everyone stop and gasp intermittently. The day was warm with occasional wind and if I didn't put the sunscreen on I'm sure I'd end up expanding on my freckles collection. We're used to hiking for miles so it was not a burden to rely on our two feet and nice footwear, me carrying anything essential for making this escapade worthwhile for our lot. I admired the greenery and abundance of flowers taken care of the way I imagine doing with my garden one day. There is always a plan to a wild arrangement, a method of plants existing together but appearing accidental. My way of pleasing the eye.

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 Nadia spotted a little play area which gave me and my friend a chance to sit and submerge in a conversation about hair conditioning and preparing it for summer holiday. You know, regular topics that spark interest in the middle of the forest or in a cafè full of exciting chatter. After we left the park the only understandable direction to take in unison was a place to eat and indulge in a good caffeine intake. We found this historic restaurant with original wooden ceiling beams and a dated fireplace adding this fantastic touch of relaxing and familiar. We ordered a vegetable bruchetta with a side salad and a plate of fries for Nadia to find out they were closing and our anticipation for coffee turned into disappointing grunting. But we're easily pleased so heading home for some dinner leftovers wasn't a bad option. Not for our already satisfied with the escapade minds.
Happy mid-week friends! x 

todaymyway.com, forest-in-bloom, travel
todaymyway.com, forest-in-bloom, travel
todaymyway.com, forest-in-bloom, travel

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  1. Fantastic pictures, what a great time you had, girls xx