by - Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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DIY-wrapping-paper, painting, spring-activities, birthday-preparations,
 We’re having some serious activities going on right now. Like always paper is involved and schedules skipped but the result is worth the engagement. Whenever there is a birthday season approaching we brainstorm unusual ideas just so we have enough fun before the party as we allow ourselves right when it's due. The personal touch is always remembered so this time our project made for easy arrangement and only asked for a few supplies to be finished in no time. A simple design goes a long way and painting watermelons couldn't be more appropriate this time of the year but I guess any image would be fun. So we painted using one big potato to be our stamp and a hero. And then we wrapped the gift and waited for the big day. Nadia was pretty chuffed with the design it might be her new after school thing - great for the soul but hard for the carpet nonetheless we managed to keep the splashes to a minimum. Daddy didn't notice so no point searching for evidence. 

painting-from-scratch, arts-and-crafts, wrapping-paper,
painting-on-the-floor, arts-for-kids,
painting-session, DIY-wrapping-paper,
watermelon-design, DIY-wrapping-paper,

painting-session, DIY-wrapping-paper,
►► Awaiting excited arms to be held into

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  1. Aw, that's really sweet. Fun idea. I'd feel so bad throwing it away if I received a gift wrapped in that, though :) -Misty

  2. wow i really like this girl and what she done. very creative.. especially using lemon to draw lemon on the paper.. thanks