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It is emotionally useful this free time I can load up with both of my hands day in day out is spent on most vivid imagery. On things I wouldn't dream of contemplating. In peaceful or totally opposite surroundings I win the impossible and call my day entirely mine in activities I spend time on, food I sample, books I happen to bring along with me. Total bliss with a company as an option. If you strapped me to an office chair and promised to come back before five in the afternoon, my sanity would never be restored. I would toss and turn, ignore the phone calls and daily duties knowing I could dare doing things no 9 to 5 job will ever offer under any circumstances.

So here I am sitting politely on the leather couch hugged by the clan of cushions behaving like children waiting for the story to begin, lifting my head up towards the rays of sun emerging from short rainpour clouds and drawing unimaginable shapes on the cracks of wooden tables. My favourite part of the day - retreating back to my notes and a glass of water after I've had a delicious burger in a place teeming with noise while being seduced by the sound of a coffee machine working its gears off. People take turns in laughing and clattering dishes, I'm on my fifth page scribbled in barely recognizable handwriting and the life goes on like sweet melting toffee (I'm actually considering ordering a mug of flavoured coffee drink so excuse my food comparisons). It's been a while since I tackled this blogging challenge commenced back in days when time was spent alongside running toddler - to answer 30 questions as reliably and promptly as a blogger can and call it a day. Easy task became a little too difficult to accomplish, some thoughts wouldn't flow so well as my audience would expect so I backed out. This time I'm eager to tell you what I'm looking forward to right now. And I could immediately answer that it would be nice to wake up to a summer sun for a change or a couple of new season's deliveries of clothes and sandals in imitation leather but in fact I'm totally looking forward to this and do hold me accountable: I just want to start. Place my fingers on the wheel of life and let it lead me precisely onwards. And as realistic as it sounds it's completely crazy in every way things naturally happen. People win the lottery and find the love of their lives queuing in a job center so I'm inclined to say - things do happen. I'll tell you, hold me accountable.

P.S. You do know I'm insanely looking forward to summer in Poland in case this post leaves you concerned.

(And I want to decorate my house.)

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