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Not all women in my family are gifted with blonde locks, not all have sky in their eyes. In fact, it didn't happen once. In fact, my body was determined to shift from the dark hair, black eye trend and introduced this thick golden chop of hair naughtily covering the big portion of the turquoise in her pupils on purpose. I predict a change was needed in terms of being properly visible on photographs or maybe this one time if it was going to be a Libra, let her looks soften it a bit. Because Libras... with all respect and patience I extend towards Libras, the life with one (or two as I happen to land with) is just a roller-coaster ride without a handle. It is mornings of plain excitement out of random things and evenings full to the brim with unexpected. The balance rarely happens and understanding it is my way of survival. I could easily copy and paste any reliable online source describing her zodiac - sweet and gentle, trying to please others mixed and shaken with this stubbornness every time a decision is called for. The good natured element dissolves under changeable and impatient only a mother could accept. And out of head first attitude Nadia has been blessed with, there is the one all Libras are famous for. The one they live off of gracefully and exceptionally unaware of happening - the charm they naturally force on everybody never wears off or if it does, there's no visual evidence of it. I call it her congenital magic power that together with hair of a Disney princess and attitude of a adventure seeker makes her a great study example. And a great watch while interacting with others. Boys. She's sociable, she's a little wild. She gives no chance to rest when there's this urge to go for something immediately. Head first, remember? She's been raised among two boys after all so all that is associated with their world has grown into her like nothing comparable. Sudden bursts of laughter, climbing unusual surfaces while walking down the street, scratching elbows and not dropping a tear ties her up strongly with the opposite ground. You'd call her tomboy, I'll settle on an even representation of both worlds - a wild spirit in pink ballerinas. And a headband.

So there is this party happening she was invited to as 25 other children from her class. There is an inflatable slide to keep the lot on their bare feet, a space wide open and inviting. And here she is playing football with the boys and telling jokes other girls roll their eyes at. She's this funny, bright ball of unkempt hair flying across the room taking anyone willing to cause chaos along with her. The first photo is showing the essence of the girl I'm so happy to lock eyes with - a young Brigitte Bardot in her prime, flamboyant style - sweet and playful, kicking her shoes off and choosing this black lacy number over a pink tutu I prepared for her that afternoon. When raising a child I believe it is crucial to think about the opposite sex situation. She has years until serious discoveries yet we parents shouldn't forget things happen quickly. Like I noticed she's figured out she needed a bra when she was three and they didn't do bras her size so ugh, we spent half terms on searching for the most reliable sports top to settle with. Lipstick and fuchsia nail varnish has been demanded alongside potty training sessions! I am here to witness, to guide and be gentle while at it. I'd rather talk then issue orders. I'm grateful to have a child. A daughter. A Libra. A shaping personality that will only thrive under my encouragement. This is the extent of a parenthood - to see an adult beyond a child. And I'm so interested in the adult she's becoming.

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