by - Sunday, May 17, 2015

10 degrees is a temperature I don't preferably exist in, 10 degree temperature isn't at all right for my skin neither to say ankles in cropped jeans. Roughly 200 days in a year fall into 10 degree mark around here -- it is wrong for any fabric I'm otherwise comfortable to wear let alone discuss. My hair can stand it but it will not tolerate the breeze, not below the 18 degree mark. I'm not hard to please, you're hard to love seaside weather. In mid-May I was taught to discontinue wearing wool, pom poms and to trust my sweat glands and these seem to be just as surprised as I am. Therefore I can never figure out what one wears underneath one's parka or a raincoat. It may be as little as shirt or as much as the entirety of clean laundry that was handy. But I'm going to start rebellion and go for the lighter options no mater the frostbite degree. Are you guys with me? Unzip the jackets, hide away the earmuffs, just show up in the best of your linen blend. If we make it to the bus dressed like this, there's a great chance of survival. And that's our thing giving us exactly enough room to be adventurous and keep the colds away.
Shirt: Atmosphere, Jeans: River Island, Denim shirt: Esprit, Jacket: Aviatrix Leather, Boots: H&M, Triangle necklace: Primark

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