by - Monday, May 11, 2015


Making: excuses and feeling guilty about it for over a minute. I guess I'm a lost case.
Cooking: Nothing significant at all. Absolutely letting my stove get the best price one day as only slightly used.  

Drinking: free latte as a loyalty reward for drinking it even more
Reading: what I've written to edit or to smile about. To encourage doing it more. More often too.
Wanting: to become a morning person. It can happen, I know. I just need to find the right routine to look forward to each day.
Looking: plain odd in boots and scarves scattered around my neck. Blame it on the weather or just my poor sense of style.
Playing: with blonde hair in anticipation for a tidier do. P.E. lesson appropriate. So far more plaits appear.
Wasting: voice on random car karaoke sessions with chorus being repeated on each roundabout
Sewing: thoughts together
Wishing: I was organized more. In little ways, let's not dedicate ourselves too much.
Enjoying: the same view day in day out on bus rides to school. It does change at times when you're the shortest person on board.
Waiting: for my pancakes to fry then waiting for them to get decorated. I spent eternities to stay alive.
Liking: the place I call my doorstep. Even if it's a top floor flat and no elevator provided.
Wondering: if I ever splurge on a summer dress, worn as a summer ensemble and not paired with woolen tights and a shawl. Work in progress.
Loving: being a friend. Understanding and helpful. And paying for coffee I will not drink today.
Hoping: to take advantage of the seaside I call home
Marveling: at how many times I can kiss my daughter and be ready to steal away more of it the minute she's gone from sight
Needing: a car for obvious purposes. Used socially too.
Smelling: freshly ground coffee. Working each time for me, sometimes 3 times in a row.
Wearing: grey and white. Underneath and on top.
Following: the flight of seagulls on a clear sky. For longer each time because spring may have finally come today. 
Noticing: first freckles on Nadia's nose. Kind of like mirroring mine. Super insane feeling.
Knowing: I'm awaited at 3.15 pm every day on the school playground accompanied by scooter or not
Thinking: clearer when there's chaos around. And clattering of dishes.
Feeling: oddly OK accomplishing absolute minimum on some days
Bookmarking: summer destinations. You know, places I want to see not necessarily in the summer.
Opening: my arms to hold a growing child
Giggling: when somebody complements my shoes. An impulse purchase that makes others excited. I guess green is my colour.
Feeling: younger each sunny morning. Not so if sun refuses to rise.
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