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Existential questions, part one. So you've drank your latte, mocha or herbal tea, you've even licked the sweet foam from the teaspoon and technically are ready to leave. But you want to stay longer, maybe read an article in stained newspaper lying around and not attracting anybody or just stare out the window across the street and catch a glimpse of the good looking guy serving muffins and fresh patè. You're comfortable and warm, the speaker is filling the ears with dated sound so you can still formulate a thought and the noise of clattering crockery is not too overwhelming. It's still too early for second coffee or glass of water, you didn't really come here to digest anyway. So when do you leave? Is there general policy on how much time a genuine coffee enthusiast is allowed to claim in a café? How much time does one order cover?

Lock your plants, hide their green stems from my sight. Remove soil from the windowsill I can easily track. My green thumb has activated, I find the meaning of life in each plant kept alive so recently I've been drawn to flowerpots that are familiar or totally new to me waiting for the right opportunity to snap a sample, hide in a tissue I got with my cup of tea, thank you very much. And leave with a grin on my face only a witch mother could sport without being questioned. Muahaha!

The amount of caffeine in my system wasn't trackable until now. It was easier to find an infection rather than a trace of something so insanely delicious I'm horrified to learn its energetic powers so late.

I do not normally get crazy over a plate of pancakes. Overly excited over a powdered sugar coating the triple stacked creation with a strawberry on top. Yet picture me fighting with the crispy edge and a Greek yoghurt leaving clues in the corner of my mouth. Once a week I contribute to the local buttermilk supply and have a feeling I will not let go easily.

The strength I defend a couple of tears in my most comfortable jeans with cannot compare to anything known to a hardly stylish girl. Because I own those holes I will make a priority to exaggerate their importance in my life.

Have a great weekend, friends and a happy May to you! x 

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